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Okay who exactly asked for these to return?  Who?  No I want the actual names.

The commercials keep telling me they were back by popular demand. 51 more words

Candy Counter


I honestly don’t know what to call these.   I mean a “Jolly rancher” is typically the individually wrapped tube-shaped hard candy.

These are just like that – but are square – more of a classic “mint” type shape.   103 more words

Candy Counter


This has been a long time coming.   Five years ago – I wrote about my first time visiting the fountain side of Big State Drug store.     804 more words

Candy Counter

SOUR PATCH: Watermelon

The patch that grows all this delightfully sour candy seems never-ending.

Today I find no kids…just simple watermelon slices.

They have a nice flavor too them – but make no mistake sour-heads-  they are NOT that crazy or XTREME in the sour department.   15 more words

Candy Counter

HUBBA BUBBA MAX: Strawberry Watermelon

Ok kids, now we are talking!!!  Hubba Bubba with Strawberry AND Watermelon?  Like…in one piece?

Hells ya!

You get that first flavor blush and then as the flavors break down and mix it’s pretty nice.     40 more words



Wow.  The classics never seem to disappoint.  The consistency and simplicity…coupled with a heaping dose of nostalgia make for an even sweeter treat.

With Halloween around the corner, every business I visit lately, has been pretty free with the candy. 58 more words


CHEWY SPREE: Mixed Berry

Big Spree fan here.   Always have been.

So when I see these Chewy Spree….and in Mixed Berry !?!??!


They are brightly colored and have some good flavor to them.   40 more words

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