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Sanders Draws Largest Crowd Yet at Wisconsin Rally

With the 2016 Presidential Race officially up and running, Wednesday produced the largest campaign rally of the season thus far. But it wasn’t Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush bringing in the crowd. 471 more words


Twitter – who do I follow?

How on earth do I find people and why would I bother to follow them?

This was my initial thought when I first signed up for Twitter several years ago. 485 more words


Democratic Populism A Recipe For Electoral Disaster

One of the less noted but no less important aspects of American politics has been the steady leftward swing of the Democratic Party.  The party of Andrew Jackson, representing the poor, forgotten man has now become a party focused on income inequality and composed of an up-scale, down-scale coalition that has a predilection to not show up in midterms. 1,741 more words


Give us a king.

Protection from enemies. Healthcare. Free stuff. Some things never change. Listening to those who are seeking the party nominations reminds me of a Bible story. 670 more words

Thinking About Leaving Your Job?

STOP! Before you leave your job
you really need to think about exactly why you want to move.  Should you stick with it or go for something new? 731 more words

Recruitment Agency

Executive search is about mutual respect – Part 3

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the post here and here.

At a micro level, no individual executive search firm or its representative can prosper by ignoring or mistreating people, be they clients or candidates. 202 more words


Red Herrings, brought to you by the US Supreme Court

Yes indeed folks, it’s election time again.  OK a bit earlier than usual, but what with 14 Republicans and three democrats running (and two more republicans lined up in the wings, it’s already a circus show with clowns (Trump, Huckabee, Rubio, Paul) to the left of me, jokers to the right (Clinton) here I am (the Supreme Court that is) stuck in the middle with you… 803 more words

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