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How to give yourself a better chance of success at a job interview

The Australian LNG and Iron Ore markets are continuing to bite down hard, driven by the falling commodity prices on a global scale. Redundancies and wide scale cut backs are on the increase across the country as business confidence continues to fall. 1,492 more words


This Isn't About You...

Everyone lies.

We all lie just to get through the day. It’s the lubrication of life.

If all of us didn’t tell the occasional white lie, society wouldn’t function as a unit. 213 more words

Rebecca Sargeant

I feel sorry for employers

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Does anyone tell the truth on their CV’s, applications, LinkedIn profiles and job interviews?

It seems to me that in todays job market that it no longer matters what you have done in your career, what matters is the way you can sell it or spin it. 507 more words


Interview nerves? .... Better Call Angela

I have never yet met anyone who enjoys eating kippers with custard or the anticipation of a job interview. I guess being trapped in a room with a stranger, hell-bent on knowing your every foible whilst transmitting false messages of friendship via an amiable grin might unnerve many. 253 more words

Lancaster Uni Question Time Trends Nationally

Last night Lancaster University Politics Society held their second successful Question Time event on campus. The debate, chaired by PPR lecturer Dr Simon Mabon, attracted a large audience and the hashtag #LUPSQT was even trending in the UK. 1,399 more words


Proud to be standing as a woman

As a woman in 2015, it should seem usual to be standing as a candidate in a general election, but it isn’t.  Sadly, the political world is still dominated by men.  145 more words


Meet the candidates: Brian Booth, Independent

On 30 March we sent a questionnaire to the parliamentary candidates standing in Wolverhampton South West. Here’s the response from Brian Booth, Independent candidate. 402 more words