I don’t believe “only certain people can read this”, I think everyone can…but still, it’s fun !!! 😉


Place for fun

“There’s a place for fun in your life, Mall of America…”

Mall of America theme song

Shot over three different visits to MOA in 2009 and 2010.  Bloomington, Minnesota.


Poison City Records

I’m absolutely in love with Poison City Records, namely Lincoln Le Fevre, Jen Buxton, The Bennies and of course the Smith Street Band.

I love the stories local Aussie artists have to tell, I’m able to connect with their lyrics to vividly its almost like I was a apart of the moment they were writing about. 34 more words


Hunter Hunted

We were visiting the new aquarium in the Toledo Zoo when I saw a small boy gamboling near a fish exhibit. I thought of taking a photograph of his merry frolicking and it was then I saw… 110 more words

Canon Rebel T3