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Canadian pride in unlikely places

“You’re not going to waste those on the kids are you?” Shauna says at school on Canada Day. Looking at the stack of temporary tattoos on my desk, I shrug. 481 more words


English is crazy—full stop

Paul is from Yorkshire and sometimes I don’t really know what he’s talking about. I’ve spent most of my life under the mistaken assumption that because English is my first language, I have a really good handle on it. 346 more words


Aye B'y, I Got Some More Canajun Music There Hosers

Last week, in response to a Daily Prompt, I posted a Canadian music playlist.  Well, I have so much great Canadian music in my library, I thought I’d share some more with you. 504 more words



Lisa Harrington’s novel Twisted has a very appropriate title for the content. It was a good book until the last chapter but it is disturbing that Lyssa does not tell the police the full story, she acknowledges a resemblance between her love interest and her brother, and that she is calm about what she discovers in the final paragraph. 85 more words


Monopoly Money... no it's Canadian Money

I have a friend online that likes looking at currency from different places so I figured I’d post about our Canadian Currency… it’s colourful and folks from other countries joke about it being Monopoly Money . 632 more words


If 2015 was your Mother

During one of many rainy, Canadian spring days, I made my way to the book store in hopes of finding a book good enough to have with a side of coffee and my favourite arm chair. 486 more words