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Robillard Family and Company!

I’ve worked with different branches of this cool family before and always have a great time with their gorgeous kiddos.  I like the idea of posting a shoot full of cousins just as I’m off to my grandma’s 90th birthday this weekend.   14 more words

Dan and Rae Lynn got married!

I didn’t actually get to meet Dan and Rae Lynn before their wedding day.  It happens sometimes but it always works out just fine.  In fact, it worked out just great on Dan & Rae Lynn’s big day.   39 more words


My next door neighbour has put all of her plants outside, this one reminds me the most of home.

Changwon, Republic of Korea


Chewy the Marmot and Chase Creek Falls

Spring is here. The weather has slowly warmed up I can see from my porch that the snow on the mountaintops is diminishing, so I decided it was time to visit a waterfall not far from my home. 535 more words


Baby Carter

Here’s a little spring “catch-up”.  Carter’s been around for a while now (yikes) but you still get to enjoy his sweet baby newness!


An Octopus bound for the dinner plate stares out into the world.

Changwon, Republic of Korea


Holly & Tavish, Vancouver B.C.

Did you see/read my last post?  (I’ll wait here while you do.)  In that post, I told you that Jenn and I photographed two weddings back-to back in Vancouver, so here’s the second one.  127 more words