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Cycle North Carolina

Washington, North Carolina

Cycle North Carolina’s annual spring ride rotates among three different cities.  Our favorite is Washington.  We like the routes, the city and the camping accommodations here better than the other two locations.   167 more words


Homemade beef jerky - backpacking snack or expensive cat treat?

This spring’s late ice-out means that my planned early spring canoe trip to The Massassauga Provincial Park has turned into a backpacking trip (on an as-yet-to-be-determined trail, depending on flood conditions), and a need for one more snack per day (Cheryl and I learned while hiking the La Cloche Silouette Trail at Killarney Provincial Park that backpacking – at least on that trail – necessitates a higher daily caloric intake than a canoe trip)! 461 more words


Patient Spotlight

How did you start “Joan’s hiking buddies”?

When I retired in 1999, I didn’t have enough friends to support retirement. So, I joined hiking groups, but after a few years I realized I wanted more than their scheduled events, so I started my own group, Joan’s hiking buddies. 353 more words

Physical Therapy

J's Quarter Century Campout

Last weekend was Jordin’s 25th birthday! 25! I have been kissing and loving this guy since he was 17 years old. I knew I had to do something to celebrate his being on this Earth for a quarter of a century! 364 more words

Big Sur and Back

I had a long weekend coming up – four days in a row for Presidents’ Day and Valentine’s Day. Just enough time to take a quick bike tour… 1,111 more words

Pin #27: Bailey's and Marshmallows! Yes Please!

Bailey’s Irish Cream and Marshmallows!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any “real pictures” of this pin!  We were eating the marshmallows so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to take a picture! 44 more words


Dehydrating - Mushrooms

Well I had my first go at dehydrating today. I purchased the Excalibur 5-tray 3500 a couple of months ago but just haven’t had time to get started. 94 more words