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Fiction: How I World Build

So after I have an idea about a story I want to write I write down that idea. Then I start asking myself what type of environment fits this idea. 803 more words


The Benefit of Writing Groups

Back in March, I decided I wanted to return to the commitment I made last year to write every day. My NaNoWriMo critique group started up again in February, and I put up an accountability calendar in March. 488 more words


Where the hell have I been?

Hello! I feel like I have to do a whole new introduction on here because it’s been far too long.

This poor blog has been so neglected lately. 407 more words


June is Looming

You all know by now that I love writing challenges. I love structure, I love logging my word counts, and I love watching the little bars track my progress. 381 more words


Better Late Than Never

I have not been in the writerly way as much in the last few months. I am taking a break from my MFA program since my day job has been so busy. 170 more words

Preparing for JULY

What’s in July, you ask?

Good question!


That’s right. ¬†There was one in April too but I couldn’t possibly do that one because I spent too much time laboring over my math class (engineering problems). ¬† 157 more words


Tendonitis, Arthritis, NaNoWriMo-itis...

I finished Camp NaNoWriMo with 35K+ so I won, but I sure as hell didn’t finish my book. AND, I haven’t written anything more than a paragraph and a few notes since Camp NaNoWriMo ended. 286 more words