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Re-Introducing my Camp NaNoWriMo Project

Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! Honestly, I haven’t been this excited about a project since I wrote the first draft of The Invincible Penny Lane, or in fact since I wrote this story the first time around. 528 more words


Hello Camp, Goodbye Sanity!

Not that I have any sanity left to begin with lately…

Between work, a new sort of responsibility, other issues, stress, and a whole hell of a lot more, I feel like I lost my sanity and my peace of mind a month ago at the least. 573 more words


I Forgot to put a Title.

Hello all!

Big things have been happening lately. I’ve got a tentative schedule for college. I’m planning on moving in with my dad next weekend. And my sister now loves ballet and she’s decided she wants to go to future shows with me and my dad. 648 more words


Day 0: Getting back into the swing (of things)

Hello all you classy people!

So… I kind of, sort of… started Camp Nanowrimo early

*dodges incoming tomatoes*

HEY! Cut me a break will ya? I couldn’t help it! 445 more words


Hardcover Monday - A Good Quiet Book

No, that’s not the title of a book. Or, it might be, but I’m not talking about a specific book right now.

I’ve found that I’ve been wanting to read so many big books and critically acclaimed books and popular books, that they’re all getting clumped together and in result I’m not wanting to read any of them. 150 more words


writing against the clock

The older I get, the more I realize I will never have enough time.

I’m not even ‘old!’ (And I’m definitely not complaining).

There is no ‘I’ll get to it later’. 231 more words

Barb Babbles

How to "Just Write"

In honor of CampNanoWrimo being only TWO DAYS AWAY (how did that even happen so fast?!) I thought I’d publish a post that might be relevant to those, like me, who feel wholly unprepared for this little adventure. 1,861 more words