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Our Favourite Sony A6000 Accessories

The Sony a6000, as cameras go, is fairly complete in terms of its construction and design. In addition to being a very portable size, it is endowed with a lightweight yet sturdy chassis, a substantial frontal grip, and a nice textured thumb rest. 9 more words

Just another Saturday

Haven’t been outside much these last few days. Way too hot. We are not used to temperatures up to 34° C (93,2°F) and up. There is no wind and the shadows under the trees offer a false welcome. 155 more words


The Culture Of Photography

It is possible to be cultured without having to live a Petri dish. As it happens, everything we are has something to do with culture, and all we need to do is breathe regularly and take nourishment to be a part of it. 379 more words



Today, I’m a bit late with my First Friday Photo post.  We were cleaning house and moving furniture.  All sorts of my least favorite, but necessary,  activities… 311 more words


Daily Photo: love vintage little things

Besides enjoying photography and typography, I also love vintage items and especially love vintage cameras, books and postcards. I bought this Anseco camera for resale for my… 20 more words

Daily Photos

Vintage Cameras

This is a vintage Polaroid Land Camera Swinger Model 20 produced between 1965 and 1970. This was a very popular camera back then
For sale on Etsy.


Look at this photograph...

Don’t worry…this post is not about Nickelback.  I’ll save that for another time…just kidding!  Taking pictures is something I’ve always enjoyed, especially of scenery and animals.   97 more words