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Little Happy Things

In the past few days I have found several little things that make me very happy. This Louis Armstrong album was a gift from my sister. 399 more words

Last few months have been busy. But I’ve seen some awesome stuff here and there that y’all should see.

Guys solve girls’ problems:

Q… 231 more words


Xtr111mely happy!

I have never introduced myself and stated who I am, I don’t even know if this is relevant on a blog, whether someone even cares is another matter altogether. 1,498 more words


Up for Discussion: Tripods

Recently someone sent me a question about tripods and I thought it was time I wrote something about them.

If you are serious about photography then there is one piece of equipment that is almost as important as your camera and lens; your tripod. 1,411 more words


Start up: squinting at Lollipop, phone cameras ranked by pros, how Crossy Road triumphed, and more

“Your first day at Google?” “Mm-hm. Thought I’d get the eye surgery done first.” Photo by peretzp on Flickr.

A selection of 7 links for you. 1,285 more words


X100: The future, has a past to thank

Would it seem possible to revive Film, against a world now well-versed in Digital? Is their chance of cameras, returning to normal package sizing, while retaining advanced photography capacities?  1,686 more words


Shooting Film With The Minolta X-700

I’d been discussing getting into film for awhile, luckily my in-laws passed down a pretty awesome camera over the holidays.  So I’ve been shooting with the X-700 over the past few months, and I’m in love. 64 more words