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Memphis police testing body cameras

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Body cameras for Memphis police have arrived.

Mayor A C Wharton pushed for the cameras to protect both law enforcement responding to calls and the city from bogus lawsuits. 206 more words


Epic photos of 'GoPro' style cameras in the 1960s

These days, if you’re looking to capture some extreme sports action, whether it be Base Jumping or even surfing, you’d be hard pressed to find a better solution than a GoPro camera. 185 more words


Photography: Stooping to Conquer

When I snapped this picture of laburnum in the light of an evening sun, I thought it looked good enough to post on my photo blog… 93 more words

Digital Photography


This week’s photo prompt for The Daily Post’s photo challenge was: On The Way.

It’s not about the destination, but it’s the journey. What are some of the things that you noticed on the way somewhere? 119 more words



Hello Everyone,it’s BrownieSnaps… This blog post is about illusions and how pictures can be interpreted so differently when its really something obvious! So there’s this photo I took a while back… it’s really unique, I bet it gets you thinking.             116 more words


Three Years in an RV

I keep telling Chewie and Dobby (my sons), “Clean and pack up your room as if your parents might move the next time you leave the house.” 252 more words

When I stopped being a photographer...

…and became an artist.

Not the world’s greatest artist, but artist enough for me.

No ‘ah-ha’ moment. Just a gradual realisation that the ephemera of photography, stuff like lenses, cameras, resolution and sharpness and a thousand other technical details, didn’t really interest me any more. 613 more words