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Collaborative project practice shoot

This shoot was done in preparation for my Collaborative Practise Module exhibition. It was done using black and white 35mm film.

Our project is looking at how individuals perceive a journey in a different way. 33 more words


This weekend I popped down to London to see some friends and do some serious Street Photography (not that I don’t do serious street photography in Birmingham). 87 more words


Purchasing a new camera? 9 points to consider...

With the festival of Holi right around the corner, there might be some people looking to buy a new camera. Even without the “season” or “reason”, sometimes, we get a new one anyway… 1,292 more words


Proud Film Shooter

If you haven’t shot film lately, I bet your camera works fine.  It may need a new battery.  Other than that, it’s a time machine and a surprise party waiting for you, when you get the film developed!


We Can All Become Photographers

Who says you can’t be a photographer? Who says you need a fancy DSLR to be a photographer to produce pictures? No one does. We live in this society that tries to bound us to things that we can’t do because we don’t have certain ‘knowledge’ or ‘equipment’ to produce something beautiful. 92 more words