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Report: Apple Using Camera-Equipped Minivans To Capture Map Data

It s a very safe bet that Google has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into Google Maps and Street View. While many people regard Street View as eye candy, it has actually served a more important function: capturing real-world geo-data for Google Maps. 8 more words

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Top 5 Stolen Camera Brands (Infographic)

This infographic shows the top 5 camera brands stolen as determined by Kamkit who say before we go further we’d like to point out that we’ve been careful to ensure our statistics are fair and as such are based on percentage rates or ratios in context of brand popularity… 47 more words


Skimming Stones

Last night, we went down to the beach on a long exposure photography practice mission. We ended up just getting frustrated over not taking any good photos and decided it would be a good idea to put the cameras down and just enjoy being at the beach. 81 more words


Holi ...and I see your True Colours shining through

And here we go ladies and gentleman, the TIME HAS COME. It´s India time. After so many weeks. At last, at last!! You can´t imagine how long I´ve been waiting for this. 382 more words


Been away...Back now

Sorry guys, been away for a while…

My photography is improving, I’m sure of it!

Many exciting photography blogs to come ASAP! :) :)


Thanks, Takealot

I’ve recently made a couple of purchases from Takealot – basically South Africa’s equivalent of Amazon – and was so impressed with their customer service that I felt I had to write a post about it. 407 more words