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Cambridge Exams - Flo-Joe has gone mobile!

If you are taking a Cambridge English exam, then I’m sure you have already signed up to the weekly email updates  as per my recommendation.  However, if you haven’t had time to check your email this week you might not be aware that parts of the Flo-Joe product have  gone mobile.  137 more words


Our Top Tips for Exam Time

Timetables are probably stuck on your wall somewhere by now but how prepared are you?
But let us tell you, you can never be too prepared! 640 more words


Maths songs, muffins and a minibreak #littleloves

Woohoo for alliteration in the title…I did one a while back and haven’t managed to make it fit since, but it rolled off the keyboard (?) this time :) Feels like a while since I’ve done a #littleloves post, I was ill last week so didn’t join in…no excuse as I stayed off work on Friday, but hey ho. 268 more words



The better I get to know Harvard Square, the more I get stuck in the mindset that it is impervious to change. Walk by the same restaurants every day, week after week, it’s easy to start to believe that the eruption of a new eatery is about as likely as the eruption of Vesuvius must have seemed to the Pompeians. 697 more words

May 30 - Cambridge March Against Austerity!

The Tories may have won the elections, but democracy does not end at the ballot box. Only 24% of the electorate voted for the austerity policies that they will be inflicting on us, punishing ordinary people for a crisis we did not cause. 169 more words


Area Four-Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

Area Four is definitely the trendiest brunch location in Kendall Square.  This popular spot near MIT, is part-cafe, part-restaurant, part-bar.  This place is great whether you want a quick cup of coffee or to sit and chat with friends. 54 more words


MISSING: One Positive Mental Attitude

If I’m honest, I went into today’s session nervous. 6 x 1200m on a 400m track is a lot, and I struggle with the monotony of short laps. 498 more words