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Jetty to Koh Seh | Koh Thmei, Cambodia

It’s quite surreal to think that in only a few weeks time we’ll be lounging on a Vietnamese beach just a short boat ride from this jetty…


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Our first stop in Cambodia was Siem Reap. It is situated in the North and is most popular with tourists because of the Angkor Wat Temple Complex – this is a must do in Cambodia. 369 more words


Why do we travel?

We travel because we want to see new sights, meet different and interesting people, taste exotic food and experience a foreign culture. We travel because we all want to… 171 more words


Two Days in Pailin 

Right after we left the last place we took a long car ride to Pailin with is near the border of Thailand. We went there to vist my aunt’s in-laws. 116 more words


Temples of Angkor – Angkor Thom

Angkor is both a confusing and complex site to describe. Scattered over four hundred square kilometers, with clusters of monuments set within their own unique context, sometimes by describing specific buildings you miss out on the peripheral that can hold an equal amount of interest. 430 more words


Temples of Angkor – Preah Khan

Preah Khan was built by Jayavarman VII on the site of an earlier palace, and whilst Angkor Thom was being restored after a rain by the Cham in 1177 he came here to live. 432 more words


Boung Mike the English Teacher

This is a picture of some of my friends here in the village. We enjoy visiting the temple, going for long bike rides to see the mountains on the border, and learning English together every night. 497 more words