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Is Jesus The Only Way? by Dr. John MacArthur

A powerful, undeniable and awesome message during a 2008 conference.


Bearer of God's Truth

Telling people God’s truth in today’s society comes with a great a cost. You will have a few people who will still stand up and rejoice in God’s truth because they love it because they love Him.  503 more words


Dark times in Durham?

It’s said to be the nation’s favourite building. I’m lucky enough to live a brisk walk away from it, and to wander past it or through it at least once a week. 442 more words

Authorial Voice

Awakening To The Theology

The ground work or foundation for awakening prayer as well as for the visitation that we call an awakening is to be found in the theology we find linked to the First and Second Great Awakenings and the Launching of the Great Century of Missions as the late historian, Kenneth Scott Latourette called it or the Modern Missionary Movement as it is called today.  526 more words

Divine Impassibility Talk on Reformed Forum

The full audio can be found on Reformed Forum

A quote from the audio (“God is not free”):

“As soon as you say something like ‘God has the freedom’ you immediate have to qualify… God doesnt stand deliberatively in any passive sense before a range of action.” 138 more words


A reply to those who think Irenaeus is on their side in denying the Trinity

Reply to certain passages produced from Irenaeus. The meaning of Irenaeus.

27. In the many passages which they collect from Irenaeus, in which he maintains that the Father of Christ is the only eternal God of Israel, they betray shameful ignorance, or very great dishonesty. 484 more words

John Calvin

Some Thoughts on Predestination

When we come to difficult subjects in the Bible it is easy to avoid them and focus more on what we clearly understand. Unfortunately, the downside to this approach is that we miss out on what God may be saying to us in these difficult subjects. 5,086 more words

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