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You are wonderfully made //

We are all purposely made, just like these beautiful crockeries, for a special purpose. Their appearance and functions are all very different from one another. However, one thing is the same. 751 more words


"The stone of Salvation has come… honor Him with positive blessedness"©

Easter (Passover) represents eternal hope…

it is life beyond the grave to save and cope,

there is nothing more evident than resurrection…

the resurrection of Jesus is God’s declaration… 689 more words

The Road We Are On...

Call [1Word5Voices]

There are many ways we can understand call. As it relates to our connection with God, “call” is our unique way of loving God and loving others. 475 more words


Living in my calling

As our move back to the northern homeland begins to loom larger in the forefront of our minds, it is natural for those around us to be curious what I will do while my sweet husband begins to work in ministry.  746 more words


Days of Calling

Homeless children scurry the broken streets,
Trying to find hidden secrets left in the alleys,
They yell and screech nicknames and “Over here!”

Businessmen walk coldly by with briefcases… 100 more words

Ascending to the Nations

“You can not change what is going on around you until you change what is going on within you”

I never know what i’m going to write about when i sit down to type. 387 more words



I know I’ve been here before, at the crossroads of life. Two choices that will launch me into the rest of my life, its terrifying. On the one hand I’m comforted to know that God is bigger than any choice that I could make here, that God is ultimately in control, that no matter what I chose to do He would be glorified in my life, but that doesn’t make the choice any easier. 590 more words