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CSA Farms and Aggregators: Threshing Things Out

Rodale’s New Farm magazine has published my article on CSA Farms and Aggregators in it’s Summer, 2015 edition. A few short excerpts:

“Community is not a warm and cuddly marketing concept attached to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). 133 more words

Call Of The Land

Texas History – Who Did Wyatt Earp Call the Most Dangerous Man Alive?

Wyatt Earp called Dr. John H. ( Doc ) Holliday, the gambling gunfighter who practiced dentistry in Dallas at one time, the most dangerous man alive. 127 more words

Broken Thermostat? Know When to Call for AC Repair in Charlotte, NC

A malfunctioning thermostat often results in uncomfortable fluctuations in room temperature. The room may be too cold one minute, and then feel hot the next. The thermostat is failing to sense the room’s temperature, or it is feeding incorrect information to the HVAC system regarding cycling times. 86 more words

Global Margin Call?

Dear CIGAs, Bill Holter is back to discuss the impending ‘Global Margin Call’… and when it might begin. We recorded this call on Friday, July 3rd, so we weren’t privy to the outcome of the Greek referendum at the time of this call. 7 more words

'Call' issued on Virgin River, some users go without

From ksl.com, by Amy Joi O’Donoghue, July 2015

SALT LAKE CITY — State Engineer Kent Jones is ordering certain users of the Virgin River and its tributaries to stop withdrawing water immediately as the system endures a fourth year of blistering drought. 199 more words



So I know that at some point today/the rest of this week, I need to get back to my regularly scheduled blog programming, but I really need to address a word that has been swimming in and around my head lately. 778 more words