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"I could of licked your asshole all night "

My life in real quotes:

“I could of licked your asshole all night. It was so sexy.”

“I want to just lick you from top to toe for the first hour. 218 more words


Well I'll never be a stripper

I took a booking Minx organized for a bucks party. A lesbian show. In front of 15 guys. 15. I only  took it because  it paid so well $1100ph.. 590 more words


Retorical questions 

Iv noticed more and more silly questions clients are starting to ask us during a booking so just to name a few here’s some Q and As… 248 more words


Drinking from the unholy grail

Saturday always promised to be a busy interesting day and at least mildly profitable. I had a booking, booked 3 weeks in advance.

This guy was married, my real age and attractive by his own standards. 617 more words


It's only a dream.. I think

Yesterday has really been playing on my mind. Last night was hard it took almost 3 hours to fall asleep as my mind was constantly wondering. 427 more words


Mid-Morning: Poiema People


Monday, May 18, 2015
Poiema People
Host(s): Lynne Ford

Some of God’s most beautiful masterpieces are created from the glory of redemption. Annie Lobert spends the first part of the hour with us, sharing the remarkable story of how she survived sixteen years in the sex trafficking industry, how God helped her to break free, heal, and reach back in to help others  who are Fallen (Worthy, ISBN# 978-1617954207) find freedom as well. 47 more words


Argh, don't touch me

On Friday I had a booking set up for both Minx and I, a double $800 each. I’d been working on it all week and had a hotel hired. 635 more words