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Intelligentsia Cafe, Los Angeles

Cafes in Kuala Lumpur are often open til way past midnight. Even if they aren’t, people still like to hangout at mamaks (Indian restaurants) or food courts til the wee hours of the morning, watching football on an LED projector screen. 223 more words

Is it worth it?

A study suggests California is entering the worst drought in 1,200 years. Walnut growers provide 28% of the world’s walnuts, and they use more water than all the homes and businesses of Los Angeles combined (10 million people). 50 more words


Free markets vs food prohibition

Capitalism is so good that its making fat people.  For the first time in perhaps all of human history, things are so good that people have gone from trying to keep from starving to now worrying we all may be eating too much. 607 more words


Animals | Sagebrush

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Landscape | Inferno

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