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Auction marketing -- push or pull?

Auction marketing when I started in the auction business in 1979 mostly involved newspaper advertising.

This advertising was sometimes augmented with mailings (postcards, letters and catalogs) along with signs and putting up fliers around the general area. 481 more words


Calendars You'd Rather Buy than the SarahPAC Calendar

This is the one you could get from SarahPAC for a donation ranging from $100-$200 dollars.

These are a much better buy, and much more entertaining. 21 more words

On the linear relation between two calendars

Given a date in the Islamic calendar , there is a formula which gives a good (approximate) numerical value of the corresponding date in the Gregorian calendar. 588 more words


Summer Reading paper order came in!

Soon, these babies will be printed with SRP calendars and game boards and in the hands of kids! …can you tell I’m excited?


New Calendar!

Frequency is introducing a new Calendar feature! You will now be able to find the long term schedule of events in one place. It will be accessible on the website through the Calendar page, which will be under “New Classes and Schedule.” Make sure to check it out, as it will be live soon!

Writing Courses

8 Tips on How to Keep Your Busy Life Organized

1. Write it down in one place!

I love my iPhone, but any smartphone will do. My calendar sync’s with my computer, my phone, my iPad and anywhere that I have access to iCloud.   1,243 more words