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Merchant Cash has the best business loan calculator in Australia on their website. You can use the calculator to work out repayments on unsecured business loans and all types of commercial finance without collateral required. 41 more words

Elite fabulous killer Calculator

26/2/2015 , 12.58 AM

This is the first blog, I am writing  on this site…. So,  I cannot figure out what to say at first… should I start like this, “Hey everyone , good evening” or like this “Okay, lets get started”. 520 more words


Notes on perfect forward secrecy in Nspire

p is prime
g is a primitive root modulo p

a and b are discarded at the end of section.

Shared Secret


Day 3: Functions Functions Functions

Functions are an essential part of all programming languages.  They allow you to repeat different tasks quickly and efficiently.  A function takes variables you give it and does a set task with them. 207 more words


Olivetti Logos 9

Mario Bellini



A departure from his “pop” inspired calculator from the early 70’s, the Divasumma 18, Bellini took a much more minimalist approach with the Logos 9. 166 more words

Multiple linear regression by weighted least squares on the Nspire

When performing data analysis, it is sometimes desirable to assign weights to selected data according to their perceived values. For example, data that are more reliable are assigned a higher weight, or weight value that is inversely proportional to variance of that data value. 233 more words