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Sending Emails in CakePHP on Google App Engine

If like me you are building apps using the CakePHP Framework on Google App Engine, and you want to send mails to users without using an external service like MailChimp or Mandrill, then this class is for you – 58 more words

Google App Engine

Using multiple database connections in CakePHP model

Hello Readers,

Till now we may develop our application with single database . Is their any ways to integrate our application with multiple databases ? . 185 more words


How to create a custom error page

In Cakephp we have some default error pages but we can create our own error page. Here we will create a custom error page to show error if controller not found. 93 more words


Add prefix to urls in CakePHP

CakePHP has power to do a lot with conventions by using routes. It’s additionally possible to utilize custom prefixes adjacent to your admin routes for extra flexibility. 71 more words


Logging sql queries into file in CakePHP 2

1. Create new file app/Model/Datasource/Database/MysqlEx.php

    App::uses('Mysql', 'Model/Datasource/Database');
     * Logs MySQL queries into debug file
     * @author  Vladimir Bilyov 2012-03-04 19:03:03
     * @version 1.0
    class MysqlEx extends Mysql {

        function logQuery($sql) {
            if (Configure::read('Cake.logQuery')) {
               // debug('sql[' . 113 more words