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The Cajon Box   (2015Jun25)

Thursday, June 25, 2015                                          8:01 PM

My friend Pete came by today. While I was waiting for him I took a few photos of my neighbor Bob’s big tree. 81 more words


Didn't Know You

It is such a delight whenever I see people doing what they are passionate about. I can see their eyes twinkling like a new breed of happiness enter their souls. 197 more words


Day One Hundred and Forty Nine - My View is Better Than Yours

Well maybe not, it’s satisfactory at any rate and sounds pretty snazzy. I am playing a one off drum set for my friend on Sunday and have my kit set up in such a way that the Cajon acts like a bass drum, with the snare, hats and ride all chilling around me. 65 more words

365 Challenge

Sequence 22


This is a tricky one.

Cajon, a box basically and a deeply resonant space. I was not playing the cajon but it’s 2nd or 3rd reflected derivative… 7 more words