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Abstract | Like a rat in a cage..

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Description From Photographer if Any:

By pg-Pan

Source: 500px.com


SCC Prompt: A Response 07.07.15

What is the one quality you think most D-types possess?

Dominants obviously vary just as much as submissives do. In terms of the finer details, every Dominant is unique, meaning there are as many blends of qualities and traits as there are dominant figures. 596 more words

SCC Prompt

Second Lieutenant Kollkie. Part 1.

The opinion Second Lieutenant Kollkie had of the device she had confiscated of her detainee could be summed up into one word.

A mess.

Stuart’s tablet had caused the scholars within the military to scratch their heads. 992 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

A door that is of the most importance to my dog. When it is closed she is confined and must rely on her human companion. When it is open there is freedom. 21 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Hold My Hand

Roaming alone in the crazy field,

In the rain without any shield,

Fear traps me everywhere,

no hope to grow anywhere,

Oh Al-mighty hold my hand, Let you give me just one stand. 78 more words


Career Spotlight: Aaron John Bourque

Aaron John Bourque (MFA ’14) is an artist, photographer, and historian. Visiting both archives and sites of abandonment, he reflects on the potential of photography to document the past and write history. 833 more words

Career Spotlight