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30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 18

Day 18: Write a poem without any end rhyme, only internal rhyme.

Cage (Ver 2)

I keep our bittersweet memories

Raging in a rusty cage. 121 more words


10th Post

This is the p.j. ladds skateboard I’ve been wanting by Plan B so, everyone knows what it looks like! The song for this post is… 6 more words


La Lumiere Pt. 1

To a world in darkness, came a thin line of light.

He blinked as the line grew wider and wider, silently and slowly. The line became a bar, then kept growing until he found himself looking at a rectangle of orange, flickering light with two dark shapes silhouetted against it, with a short flight of stairs descending below. 1,365 more words


When Your Knees Aren't Eggstatic or How Pain is the Mother of Invention

We recently had this preemie chick hatch. It had pecked a little hole in its shell on day 17 and everything was fine. When I checked later that day its shell had cracked and collapsed and it was partially exposed but still not fully cooked yet. 263 more words



The days are dark,
Rest seems so bright,
Exist do I,
Between the night and right!

A paradox it presents,
To me in perfect harmony, 47 more words