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Caffeine: The Silent Killer of Success

This week’s tip for improving your performance is the most simple and straightforward method I’ve provided thus far. For many people, this tip has the potential to have a bigger impact than any other single action. 258 more words

The right ingredients

I woke up with no intention of drinking coffee today. For one good reason, of course: there was no coffee cream.

Fortunately enough for me, I decided to live a little adventurously. 92 more words


Sunday Morning Coffee, with Cooper's Cask Whiskey Barrel Coffee

You may have noticed, I write a good deal about booze.  Perhaps you didn’t, in which case I’m shocked you’re literate.  Congratulations on that literacy thing, by the way.  884 more words

La Ristrettos , Novena Medical Centre

La Ristrettos is a hole in a wall specialty coffee place in Novena . Situated on the 8th floor of Novena Medical Centre , it lies smack in the middle of private medical clinics, a very unassuming place for a cafe. 315 more words


Caffeine in Coffee

All caffeine in coffee is the same: NOT. Most people know that the caffeine content in coffee is high. What they don’t know is that not all coffee has the same content. 194 more words

Kingdom Growers


(Jorio poetry form)

Shampoo with grapefruit, caffeine–

Why not?  I’ll try.

It might wake up

Hair, buzz my brain.


Twelve hours later–I’m

Feeling a bit tart. 10 more words


A Day Without Coffee

I realized late last night that I had went through the entire day without having so much as one sip  of coffee. That’s highly unusual of me, as I’ve been drinking coffee for as far back as middle school.   320 more words

Living Day-to-Day