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Quarter life crisis (almost) 

I was thinking about how I’m so torn between oh no it’s the end of my degree, I’ll miss being a student, being almost carefree, the late nights in the library and yes, the common perception that we live on noodles at the end of each month is almost true. 566 more words


Craft Coffee Subscription Box Review ( + Coupon Code )

In one of my recent posts I mentioned how much coffee plays a important role in my day, and my coffee is usually either Starbucks, Traders Joe, Kirkland Costco brand or Dunkin donuts. 742 more words


Being Heart Healthy

Maintaining a healthy heart is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you keep a strict diet. For exercise, anybody can do it so long as one wants to eat what he or she wants. 373 more words


Caffeinated Rush

The spring semester is over. It’s summer and I’m not taking classes. The only thing is, is that I’ve already gotten in the habit of staying up late and sleeping in. 222 more words

Just A Thought...

Study Claims Coffee Could Improve A Man's Sex Life

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It seems coffee doesn’t just increase your energy levels.

A new study finds the morning drink could actually perk up sex for men. 83 more words


Drinking Coffee May Fight Against Erectile Dysfunction

Good news for coffee drinkers: a few cups a day could help curb men’s risk for erectile dysfunction.

A new study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston found that men who drink more caffeine (the equivalent of about two or three cups of coffee) are less likely to experience erectile dysfunction than their peers who consume little or no caffeine, according to CBS News. 47 more words


I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that I don’t drink coffee very often, and I still don’t, but I’ve been yawning a lot these last couple of days, so I thought it was a good day for a coffee – just to finish off the work week. 750 more words