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Oh yeah, it is time for a break from the mundane. But, not to worry, the author will return after spending some time drinking coffee and smoking a delicious menthol smoke (how this pisses off a liberal—gotta love it)! 15 more words

Journal Entry: Arriving

Part I

I have been awake for nearly 36 hours, and so far I have discovered that a lot can get packed into a day when there’s no night to interrupt it. 1,300 more words


Do the Dew

Do the Dew

When you see this billboard going cross country or on your way to work, do you get thirsty? Does such a billboard make you want to pull over and immediately find a vending machine? 101 more words


Signature A Fusion Of Coffee

And what a fusion of coffee it was. Persuading someone into doing something can either be a very difficult, or very easy task. When it comes to coffee, you all know the obvious answer here.   153 more words

Clarins Instant Concealer Review

Guys, I think I’ve found my holy grail under eye concealer! Read on to see why I think Clarins’ Instant Concealer takes first prize in the under eye concealer games. 778 more words


Have you ever considered how your diet may be affecting your mental health?

As a specialist helping people to overcome issues that affect personal well-being and happiness, I see many clients suffering the effects of stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and fatigue. 812 more words


Why Diet Pills Are Never Worth It.

Look, I really hope this doesn’t need to be said to those who’re reading this, but I’ll say it anyway just in case. NOTHING YOU CAN PUT INSIDE YOUR BODY WILL MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT SAFELY. 1,113 more words