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A cappella

I have a feeling that even if I don’t mean for my posts to be about music, they still end up being about music! This is why I decided that I would choose a post topic on A cappella. 150 more words

Daily Ramblings

The Puzzling Symphony of Cadence

Ever wanted to create your own music?

Okay, that’s a horribly vague opening. Ever wanted to create your own music by creating loops in a network of interconnected nodes, solving puzzles at the same time? 700 more words

CADENCE 3/23 - 3/29

Bike – 2.3hrs

Run – 4mi

I got sick.

I was feeling very good headed into this week.  We didn’t ski the previous week and I had a lot of energy.   132 more words


MGSA CT MAR 2015 Meet

This past week I have the pleasure of attending another MGSA meetup. After announcing the meetup, the community received the sad news that we’d need to find a new home, with our old venue of City Varsity no longer available to us. 876 more words

Game Dev

Guru Pen from Fountain Pen Revolution

Last Sunday I wrote about my vintage Waterman Junior that I bought from Goodwriters. I actually purchased a different pen from Goodwriters before the Waterman: a Guru from Fountain Pen Revolution. 561 more words

My Pen Collection

Sweet Aroma

I could smell it

The scent of love

And it caused an ache within my stomach

For I coveted such a fragrance

Yearned for the vacant still pieces of me to sway to the cadence of love… 40 more words


First Blog Post!!! - What IS CADENCE?????

The dictionary definition of cadence is; a rhythmic sequence or flow; the beat, time or measure of rhythmical motion or activity. Cadence is SO important in every facet of being an equestrian, but it is not something very many equestrians actually think about. 513 more words