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NUnit attributes

This is one of those entries for something which should be easy to remember, but, alas, I constantly forget: which NUnit attributes should I decorate my unit test classes with. 59 more words


Uyarlayıcı Tasarım Deseni (Adapter Design Pattern)

Artık istemcinin beklentilerini karşılamayan bir sınıfı, isteğe göre uyarlamaya uyarlayıcı tasarım kalıbı (adapter design pattern – ADP)  ismi veriliyor. ADP’yi kullanmamızın iki ayrı nedeni daha var, sınıfı birim test ya da başka amaçlar için yeni bir arayüzle çevrelemek (wrap) ve yazılımımızda eskiyen bir sınıfı yenilemek. 225 more words


Untouchability in India.

The men in Vedic society who engage in public sanitary activities like picking up stool and sweeping the street are called hāḍis. Sometimes they are untouchable, especially when engaged in their profession, yet such hāḍis also have the right to become devotees. 304 more words


20150629 - Buying On Red Market Due To Greece Situation

Bailout talks on Greece broke down, creating major panic in EU market, and affecting the US Market (Go here for more details). Some big names are down, creating a buying opportunity for those who have a higher risk tolerance. 274 more words


Tactics RPG Conversations

This week we will implement the UI components from the previous lesson in a Conversation UI element which would appear as part of a cut-scene before and/or after battles. 3,097 more words


That string ain't right, MVC edition

Lurking in my web.config file for the MVC application that had been forced upon me was a line for acceptable file types:

<add key="ValidFileAttachmentTypes" value=".xls,.xlsx,.doc,.docx,.txt,.pdf" /> 121 more words