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The performance of dynamic strings implementations

Let’s say you want to create a nice string abstract data type to use in your C code. You can end with a structure like this: 470 more words


First "Experience" in Mobile Test Automation.

Bismillah…. Its not so long since I am swapping my playground from Developing Android Apps into SQA. My first assignment as an SQA in my company is to build an environment for Automatic Testing for Android applications. 558 more words


Enumerating collections that change in C#

If you try you remove an item from an IEnumerable while enumerating it using a foreach loop in C# you will get an InvalidOperationException saying that “Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute”. 742 more words


std::string sprintf formatting in c++

For long time I have used sprintf to manipulate strings of characters in C++. I use sprintf over std::string because I like the clear style and extended formatting capabilities. 371 more words