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Items and ItemDatabase

This tutorial covers the creation of a base Item class inheriting from the unity ScriptableObject class. Along with the Item class we’ll create a simple Item Database to gain access to the items that we will be creating. 540 more words



Pada kesempatan hari ini saya akan membagikan suatu aplikasi browser yang dibuat oleh teman saya, aplikasi ini adalah projek UAS pada Semester IV di tahun 2013. 14 more words


Design Pattern: Flyweight

The Flyweight Design Pattern allows you to share instances of the same object across multiple calls.

In the example on this post I’m reusing a rectangle with the same color, that makes the color property “intrinsic”. 233 more words


LLgen - an ELL(1) parser generator

LLgen is a tool for generating an efficient recursive descent parser from an ELL(1) grammar. The grammar may be ambiguous or more general than ELL(1): there are both static and dynamic facilities to resolve the ambiguities.

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Using MahApps Dialog Boxes in a MVVM Setup

Finally, after a couple of years of take, take, take; I’ve made a contribution to MahApps.  Working in a financial institution it’s not always easy to commit back to open source projects, so with a little bit of out-of-hours work I’ve solved a little problem I’ve seen a few people asking: “how do you use MahApps dialog boxes in an MVVM setup?”  And now my conscience is clear. 274 more words