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File IO

There are many cases in programming when you will need to use a file to get our data. The first thing you will need to do is add a new library to give us new keywords. 305 more words


Playing with linked lists and of course, pointers, in C

When I was in school, I struggled with pointers and unfortunately I was forced to do assignments involving them before I gave myself the chance to fully grasp them. 1,168 more words



Created an identical prefab without a script attached – once the player-controlled block touches the ground or another placed block, it destroys itself and instantiates a new script-less block. 74 more words


Album 12 - The Smashing Pumpkins / Monuments to an Elegy

I don’t really think Monuments to an Elegy is a true The Smashing Pumpkins album. It’s more of a Billy-Corgan-owns-the-TM-suckers album. And while he was the driving force behind a lot of the earlier albums, and definitely is for this one too, I found the effort fell flat. 168 more words


[54] Global Variables

بص  يا سيدى عارف ايه هو ال global variable ؟ لأ ..

طيب لو انت عندك variable  .. و عرفناه بره كل ال functions  يبقى ده اسمه كده Global Variable… 189 more words

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Data Types in C#

C# provides us with an Unified Type System. This means that all data types in C#, be it a reference type of value type, are derived from just one class, the  222 more words

C# Basics

Dancin' With The Stars


“Is it bad?”

Hi Y’all.  Gotta tell ya, I am sooo glad to be able to give you an update even if I do have to hunt ‘n peck with one hand. 133 more words