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C-STONED Takes Calls From Random Americans

Today I introduced “C-STONED”, in which I respond to random Americans’ comments about President Obama recent assertion that climate change is a national security issue. Enjoy! 18 more words


Senator Says Republican Plan If Obamacare Struck Down Is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A Democratic Senator used a popular Internet symbol on Thursday to describe what he says is the Republican plan should the Supreme Court strike down the Affordable Care Act. 80 more words

ANTI-SNOOPER Rand Paul Filibusters Against Patriot Act, Data Collection, NSA Surveillance

Stephen Dinan reports: Sen. Rand Paul announced Wednesday afternoon he’s attempting to filibuster the extension of the Patriot Act, vowing to use all his legislative powers to try to end the snooping law. 141 more words


Words Matter ...

Just another rant…

In a time of crisis, one would think, feel, and expect our Government leaders from both sides of the aisle to step up and come together; instead, some conservatives seem to treat the growing numbers of massacres among other things as if it were a partisan incident or even worse, a states rights issue.  623 more words

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Droning On and Other News

-This C-SPAN host is definitely not a Chiefs fan(youtube.com)

-Even HOFer Ray Lewis can’t turn his phone the right way when recording a video(youtube.com)

-Could you be suspended before you ever play a game in the NFL( 34 more words

Other News

PARODY: C-SPAN Director Calling Shots

This video comes from the warmest place in my heart, which is where C-SPAN will always live.


Chiefs Fan Calls Into C-Span, Drops a Sabby Piscitelli Reference While Discussing Drone Strikes

A caller from Missouri who identified himself as “Gonzo” (no doubt for Tony Gonzalez) phoned into C-Span to talk about drone strikes. It starts off sounding serious. 148 more words