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Wise Words from George MacDonald

Some days, we just need some inspiration to get through the day. So today, I offer you some collected quotes by one of the great writers and visionaries to once live in this world in person, who now lives on through the beauty of his writings: George MacDonald, the mystic with the luminous eyes, the writer of fairy tales and stories and poems and sermons, the husband, the loving father, the lover of God, the man who inspired C.S. 42 more words


TCWT: Late, late, late!

I just realized that I entirely forgot about my Teens Can Write Too post.

Scratch that. I think I didn’t ever hear that I got accepted. 757 more words

Living Life With Passion

Dear Mr. Morality....

I’m going to admit that I don’t like you. I’m not proud about that, and it started when I really knew nothing about you other than that you are a part of a more liberal branch of a denomination I left and have hard feelings about. 1,661 more words

And then, what?

“Eat your vegetables”, parents will often advise their children at the table. A few years ago, however, the common advice in Europe was very different: “Be careful with raw vegetables.” An outbreak of the bacteria  603 more words


Be kind to those who have chosen different doors

In the Preface to his classic work, Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis mentions the great house of God and those living within its walls. “When you have reached your own room, be kind to those who have chosen different doors and to those who are still in the hall. 666 more words


Watch that first step!

I remember annoying my sister once (I annoyed her on other occasions too) by posting on my wall (I mean my bedroom wall; I was thirteen and it was 1967, so no Facebook etc.) the less than modest declaration, … 224 more words

Sermons And Soda Water