Squash and Pepper Soup

At certain points in the gardening season, when things are coming in fast and furious, many gardeners give up careful canning and preservation strategies and just start chopping up stuff and throwing it in the freezer. 386 more words


Supposedly, when Stephen King wakes from a wacky dream, he writes it down and this is what most of his brilliant works are based on. What if I did the same and used those ideas for books? 325 more words

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash, sweet potato and quinoa soup

This recipe is designed to be quick and easy without compromising on your nutrition, and it should keep you full until bedtime, especially if you haven’t done a big workout on the same day. 240 more words


Friday Night Dinner

Roasted butternut squash, wild rice, scallions, brussels sprouts, carrots, and portobello mushrooms. And a sausage for the meat eater. 

Food Love

Roasted Squash and Caramelised Shallot Pizza

I’ve had a whale of time playing with winter squash in the kitchen for the past month. There was the recreation of Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Kabocha squash toasts with apple cider vinegar and maple syrup onion jam, and then there was this super simple pizza of butternut squash, inspired by a delicious appetizer a friend and I shared at Via Carota, Jody William’s and Rita Sodi’s collaborative West Village restaurant.   128 more words



Where I come from, butternut is the name of a squash. If you say the word, you mean the squash. The squash, of course, is neither butter nor nut, and does not taste specifically buttery or nutty; neither does it look like any nut you’re likely to see, nor like any butter you’d want to eat. 1,105 more words

Word Tasting Notes

Resolutions are never too late ...

It’s never too late to make a resolution, or two. Today is March 1 and I’m thinking “Why not start now?” Last month I jumped in with both feet doing Soul Cycle, which it turns out I love. 1,098 more words

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