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Never judge a cake by its frosting blobs.

We’ve all seen how a cake is supposed to look. It’s supposed to be smooth and have perfect piping. Sometimes the words aren’t spelled right, but at least the cursive is nice. 1,328 more words


Palmiers (Elephant Ears Cookies)

These pretty cookies are my favourite. They may not be the healthiest munchies but these VERY flaky and buttery goodies are for sure my guilty pleasure once in a while. 226 more words


Etwas ist faul im Staate...

Würden Staatsdiener dem Staat nur mehr dienen und nicht an den Futtertrögen sich selbst bedienen, liefe nicht so vieles wie geschmiert ab, würden nicht so viele angefüttert, dann, ja dann wäre ja alles in Butter im Staate. 10 more words

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

I have a very good sweet tooth. Very. It’s good at demanding cake, cupcakes, tarts – anything sugary. The problem is that it’s just The Husband and I so when I bake, we end up eating ourselves into near-diabetic comas. 583 more words


Ice cream fail… 19. May 2015

Buckwheat porridge with honey and butter

 Rice ice cream. I only managed to eat half of this. The ice cream itself wasn’t bad that the chocolate sauce in it was disturbingly sweet and made me nauseous. 10 more words



There are many cakes that I will probably, through lack of knowledge of their existence, never bake.  But a brownie is not one of them.  Although to be fair, it has only been in the last couple of years that I have even considered making them at home and not just buying them to eat when meeting friends at the coffee shop. 420 more words

Snickerdoodle Muffins

As a displaced New Englander, there is nothing like a warm batch of snickerdoodle cookies to bring back memories of my childhood. Filled with rich butter and cinnamon these cookies are a favorite treat any time of the day. 401 more words