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Pressed for Time

They say that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. I, for one, seem to constantly be making other plans.

Whether it’s wanting to visit this place or experience that thing, my bucket list is continuously growing with no sign off stopping any time soon. 849 more words


One of the things that I have been most grateful for this year is the fact that I haven’t been sick that much.  The first time I was at Keele, it seemed like I had cold every two weeks.   593 more words

Tuesday 31.03.15

We where up and about early this morning and thankfully Harry slept well, I went to the farm on the way to work and mucked out and groomed Skye, Lynne was going to be busy enough looking after Harry, had a very busy day in… 60 more words

Every Day Stuff

Jealousy, where's my fit? Frustration in progress

A VERY long school term will end tomorrow; one that I would prefer to never ever repeat again in my life. The English syllabus is ridiculous. 1,476 more words

It's Been A While/Name Stuff

Obviously, I don’t post much. It’s hard! I work, I go to school, I try to maintain a social life. I tell myself to post more, but it’s not always that simple. 125 more words


Lavazza take out cups

For your busy cafe or coffee shop, you need a quality range of disposable cups. Lavazza take out hot drink cups clearly show the Lavazza name and brand advertising your coffee quality to your customers. 22 more words

Why you think I may have abandoned this blog

On several occasions, I really wanted to post about my things here, honestly. I’ve had a lot of disappointments that I could’ve talked about, rants to let go, fun times to share, but I was not able to. 314 more words