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What Matters More, the Quality or Size of Your Social Media Audience?

“Actual engagement is what creates value for any company, brand, or individual …”. Yes, Yes,1,000 x’s, Yes. http://entm.ag/1J0EeEL
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What does your handshake say about you?

For years I have heard managers tell their new employees, espcially those in sales, the importance of a firm handsharke – you don’t want to crush the hand of the person you are meeting but you also don’t want to have a weak and forgettable eperience, but why? 376 more words


Black Diamond mining cemetery will soon belong to the town

Originally published in the Globe News, May 27, 1976

Black Diamond attorney Phillip Biege announced that the historic mining cemetery in Black Diamond will shortly belong to the town of Black Diamond. 462 more words



Have you been enjoying our fabulous pictures? Well, without the guidance of one of our sponsors, Chris Skrod, we would have never have known the road that led us to the perfect camera for our trip! 358 more words

Assistance Available for Small Businesses Affected by Baltimore Riots

BALTIMORE — Many of Baltimore’s small businesses were affected by the riots following the death of Freddie Gray. Now, both federal and city agencies are encouraging the owners of those businesses to take advantage of assistance that is meant to help them reopen and recover. 190 more words


Five Problems Every Slow Learner Experiences On The Job

Slow and steady wins the race, as the saying goes. But really, when did a tortoise ever have an advantage over a fast and efficient hare? 598 more words