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Business as Usual

They keep telling me

“It’s a new millenium.”

But they’re still playing the same

Old, tired tune.

Caveat emptor, my friends

Caveat emptor, I say.


Great Rock Albums of 1982: Men At Work- Business as Usual

This is probably the closest I ever came to mainstream commercial rock or pop back in the 1980s. When I first heard the song, “Who Can It Be Now?” I found myself liking it. 617 more words


Medeu on a Sunday Afternoon

Exactly as it sounds — a lovely Sunday afternoon at a Soviet-era ice skating rink. With lots and lots of stairs.

One of my favorite things about Almaty is its close proximity to the mountains, and just how easy it is to spend time there, even on a day when there’s not a lot of spare time. 236 more words

Former Soviet Union

How not to start a degree program

(This is one of those posts that I can’t guarantee describes up-to-date events or the specific person involved, but all of this is true.)

1) Have someone who won’t be involved in the program put together the initial strawman (under duress due to campus financial difficulties) with little input from anyone who would have a stake in the program. 427 more words


Pin cushions (Turning 50 Re-vamp Series)

I found the words “trust the process” coming out of my mouth for the first time yesterday. I was at physical therapy when I said it.   435 more words

Business As Usual

Never Say No to Happy Hour: Kickstart Your Career

The days of Thirsty Thursday with your college pals have come and gone. Now you have real responsibilities, commitments, and people that count on you to not be hungover in the morning. 291 more words

Post Grad


It is said that it is easier to break an empty bottle of beer than a sealed one.

It is also said that it  is easier to break anything than to fix it, unless that thing is an undesired habit or a relationship. 52 more words