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Axe Porn

Ok, hold on there.  It’s not what you think. This story is for my friends (virtual and real life) who enjoy the study of bushcraft skills.   371 more words

Adventure Journal

Why You Need These 5 Basic Bushcraft Tools

By Fred Tyrell – SurvivoPedia

Bushcraft–the art of living off the land and thriving–is considered primitive by urban standards, but it is a low stress world that you build for yourself and your family. 655 more words


Bannock on a Stick

I just finished writing out this simple bannock recipe for a friend at thefanhitch.org.  Bannock is a blanket term for simple, often unleavened, bread.  It can be cooked in a dutch oven, over a fire in a fry pan, in a modern oven, tossed directly into a hot bed of coals, or in this case, wrapped like a playdough snake around a stick and baked over an open fire. 712 more words


Holiday Activities at YHA Danywenallt 2015

Now that spring is springing (too early to say sprung I would say!), it’s time to unleash the programme of holiday activities planned for YHA Danywenallt, in the Talybont Valley this year. 444 more words


Ray Mears - The Considered Outdoorsman

Ray Mears is probably a name you’ve never heard of before, but if you enjoy the outdoors and see yourself as a sensible considered individual, this man is your hero. 42 more words


The Kid Friendly Outdoors and Survival Backpack.

So the idea behind the “Adventure Bags” my older two kids received at Christmas was to hopefully make the great outdoors and wilderness a lot more enjoyable for the kids and a place they want to be. 443 more words