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Beginners Survival Knife Series: The Blade (2 of 2)

If you haven’t read part one, click here!

To continue talking about the blade of a survival knife, lets consider just a few more things… 1,003 more words


Making Containers via Primitive Process Pottery

by Todd Walker

Coffee drinkers like myself usually have a favorite mug or cup. My all-time favorite “tankard” developed a crack and DRG trashed it. A sad day indeed! 1,147 more words


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I wanted to re-blog this excellent post about functional pottery construction from "Survival Sherpa". I'm no great pottery maker but appreciate the craft for sure. Have a look. img_1348 img_1419

A world of fine things

Red Hare Crafts is the culmination of many years of crafting, creativity and making.  Our intention is to make cool stuff people will want.  From great hunks of forged steel, to the dainty blending of silver wire and Czech glass.  15 more words


Dirttime » What is Behind the Appeal of a Feral Woodsman Lifestyle

This article I found on the Web is so well written and truelly captures the feelings that I have started to experience since I started doing bushcraft. 37 more words


Spring remnants of Winter

Still the grass and bushes are bleak, with the remains of bird-eaten berries decaying on the twigs. The blue skies have gone and the overcast has returned, making it feel more like late Autumn again – especially following the snow shower last Sunday. 10 more words

Are you a rare kind of people?

In the world of concrete and consumption, you will always find a rare kind of people, people who,while walking in the streets or driving to work,dream of being out in the elements. 138 more words