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Avoiding the relapse

There is something beautiful about darkness. Its allure emanates from the sheer thought that there might be something more behind it. You wonder about what makes it so dark and if you were part of it, would you ever find light or would you be totally consumed by it? 694 more words


The point of No return

Op dagen zoals deze realiseer ik me dat een goede gezondheid het allerbelangrijkste in dit leven is. Je kan nog zoveel geld en/of materiële bezittingen hebben, zonder een goede gezondheid ben je nergens. 465 more words



Staff of Ropali Bikes and Coordinators for the book of World Records visited Driftwoods today for the initial coordination on the setting of the most number of bikes on burn-out set to happen on April 11, 2015 in Tagaytay City.   15 more words


Finding Inner Peace

Hiya darlings!

February is coming to an end and everyone are working hard at their jobs right now, longing for the weekends and the occasional early Friday. 389 more words


The 12 stages of burnout syndrome.....

The burnout process has been divided into 12 phases by psychologists Herbert Freudenberger and Gail North. In a Scientific American Mind article, the stages are outlined as such: 275 more words

Self Development

Pride and Prudence

Pride and Prudence

By Jaime Fulton (2015)

When my life, ministry, and work become too much for me to bear

And I cry out in desperation for respite— 463 more words


Agility matters


Recovery makes you agile. 

Every athlete knows how important it is to recover from fatigue after a training or a competition. We have different methods of recovery, but a good night’s sleep is still the most natural behavior to get our DHEA hormone going. 352 more words

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