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Mystery Woman Found in Coffin at Richard III's Grave Site

First came the shocking discovery of a medieval English king’s burial site in a parking lot.

Then came the unearthing of a mysterious coffin, near where the king was buried. 791 more words


Lewed, febelly and as wel grosse

At two in the afternoon on 2nd November 934 A.D. King Aethelstan, first king of England, looked northwards surveying his domain which then meant everything north of where he stood minus Staverton airport. 203 more words


Believing Thomas

Easter is just around the corner, and we Believers need to be prepared to defend the truth that Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead. Otherwise, what are we celebrating? 929 more words


Scrypt: Grave Matters

A while back, FG did a quick snippet on some eco-friendly final resting options one might consider. But if you’re still leaning towards the conventional coffin-and-underground-burial ceremony, there’s one tell-all book that sheds light on the death industry and the environmental mayhem it leaves behind. 331 more words

80 years of Loving and Living- A Tribute to my Mum’s Mum

In the last few days, I’ve had to tell a few people that my grandmother passed away, but every time I’ve said it, it sounded hallow. 629 more words


Everything Has To Be Somewhere

Yesterday, Dave, my younger brother and I cleaned out Mom’s apartment. She died last week, not long after her 90th birthday. I was able to fly out from California for… 358 more words

Personal Stories

The Day That Came Too Soon and That Random Thing That Happened.

I stared at the funeral director.

I know you.

I was in a grave yard, on my 32nd birthday, saying one final goodbye to my Grandmother, my soul mate, but… 478 more words