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East Side Tavern

East Side Tavern’s EST’s 8oz Big Cheese Burger is an edible hamburger. The burger, as its name suggests, is sure to make an impressive entrance – greeted with an unsightly apathy due to its malformed unwieldiness, it is hard not to uncomfortably glare at this hamburger’s awful hourglass shaped burger construction. 372 more words


Burger Circus

The Magician’s Maytag Blue burger from Burger Circus is a magical burger of decent abilities. The big top has been raised and the stage set – a burger construction with everything in place, where not all is as it seems… As the curtains rise and the show in one’s mouth commences, a hamburger, full of mysteries and illusions, will have a couple of audience members in awed wonderment as to the perplexities of the ingredients that spectacle a presentable burger taste balance and a burger construction of unfulfilled proportions. 343 more words


Texas Burger

The Texas BBQ Burger from Texas Burger is a decently good hamburger. The burger, titillatingly glistened with a neon luminescence from the electric trace on the wall, staged with a brand of provenance a-top, approaches the table with a persuasive burger ardor of sight and smell. 372 more words



Boomshack’s Vintage burger is a decent hamburger. The boom burger, as it’s categorized on the menu, won’t particularly cause a booming blast of satisfaction in one’s hungry stomach; not by cause of its burger taste balance, which is good in itself, but because of a burger construction that explodes with the burst of a twinkle; and with this it’s hard to see the vintage side of this hamburger, a burger from the past that represents the best of its kind… it is the more traditional option in the shack. 329 more words


Wagyu Deli A.Five

Wagyu Deli A. Five’s Signature Burger is an edible hamburger. It is another “hamburger” that suffers from a burger identity crisis, a hamburger for which creativity and burger construction has bereaved it from its burger lifeblood, one that feels as confusing as the name of the restaurant it came into existence from; a burger that remits, what was left ambivalent at first sight, disappointment. 354 more words

Burger Reviews

Camemburger / Californian - Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Glasgow

Gourmet Burger Kitchen isn’t exactly new. It’s been serving burgers in Edinburgh and other parts of the UK for some time now, but with Glasgow’s burger invasion in full swing, the chain decided to open up shop – right next door to Five Guys on St. 951 more words


Big Jo's

Big Jo’s Bacon Cheese Burger is an exquisite hamburger. The burger flourishes through a well taken care burger taste balance; one that begins with an an alluringly beguiling impression environed by a sapid aroma that is eventually encumbered by a gentle misalignment of its burger construction, a slight unattractiveness that is not made apparent until one intimately makes a connection with this californian burger. 356 more words