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Beef & Liberty: The Big Ron Burger

Beef & Liberty’s The Big Ron Burger is a majestic hamburger. It is an appreciation to one of the greatest hamburgers of all time, and with heartfelt reverence, this burger has embarked on the onerous task of fulfilling a burger taste balance that has indulged one and so many with sentiments of joy and elation. 388 more words


Corner Kitchen Cafe

The Juicy Beef Burger from Corner Kitchen Cafe is a decent hamburger. This dainty little burger, prepped inside a snug little corner kitchen, illustrates a burger taste balance that shoulders the genuine feel and care of an honestly humble home-made hamburger. 375 more words



Bresola’s Wagyu Beef Burger is a pretty exquisite hamburger. This burger, found in a classy slight Italian restaurant off the side of Kennedy Town, is a hamburger that is first acquainted with a burger construction predisposed by a slumping stackature of trying ratios; at the same time, a follow from a subtle winsome aroma of burger (and fries), a signal of goodness, will hereafter provide a hint to a fair of palatable constituents that shall come to pass as an excellent burger taste balance. 334 more words


Hudson's - The Burger Joint - Kloof Street

  • Good for: Burgers, Shakes, Beer
  • Cost: R80-150/pp
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Contact: 69a Kloof Street, +27 (0)21 426 5974, Web, Email

We were staying at the top end of Kloof Street for the night, so as soon as we dropped off our bags and parked the car we ventured out. 304 more words



Mano’s Beef Burger is an exquisite hamburger. The burger, for the majority of its physicality, is just a really straight forwardly good hamburger; all its burger parts, its hamburger taste balance, its burger construction and ratios, hamburger feel and the burger care it has been given… at the fore of one’s appetite a swell rounded ordinary – not ordinary bad – hamburger is placed, a burger which naturally feels uncomplicatedly good. 342 more words



Foodbox’s 8oz burger is an exquisitely good hamburger. This gentle burger, introduced as plain as can be – bun, patty, lettuce and tomato, with the only little extravagance being a smidgen of butter, surprises one with a satisfying touch of burger lightness that is foremost complemented by a great burger taste balance and an adequate burger construction. 352 more words


Big Fernand

Big Fernand’s Le Bartholomé Hamburgé is a decent burger. This hamburger, a french concoction of pompous proportions, is introduced as a proud frenchmen; a frenchanization of an american icon, a potential representative for le cuisine française – a culinary fling considered by some to be the best in the world. 388 more words