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The Most Wasteful Tweets Women Shared With Me In The Last Year

The following tweets were tweets I saw on my feed from women that wasted their thumb energy, my eyes’ energy, and twitter’s software. It was very tough for me, but I was nice enough to block the names out. 267 more words


37 of the Most Cultural Burgahs You'll Ever See

Full list

Yes I actually mean beef sandwiches, not attractive females. All of these burgahs got my juices flowing, but the one that really made it wiggle was The Farmer John. 6 more words


11 Turkey Burgahs I Want To Burgah Before Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is only right that we appreciate some turkeys since we will be eating so many. In my opinion, the women in the list below are all beautiful. 337 more words


Say Goodbye to Yoga Pants and Hello to Harem Pants

Let’s face it: everyone gets lazy once the weather gets colder. For guys it’s easy, just throw on some Nike sweatpants, or a comfortable pair of jeans and call it a day. 438 more words


Pamela Anderson Has Moved On From Making Money Off Her Boobs

Yes, you read that correctly, Pamela (Pam-ehh-laaaaaaaaaaaaa Borat voice) Anderson is moving on from the Baywatch Burgah to Soccer Mom Sirloin. Pamela is on the cover of the fall issue of No Tofu wearing a shirt that covers her chest. 209 more words


TMC's Guide To The Game Of College

August is coming to an end…and we all know what that means; time to go back to school. The Freshmen are nervous to leave Mommy and Daddy. 3,103 more words