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Bunny slippers: A Childs Loss and Grief

I am currently reading ‘When Children Grieve’ to assist me in helping my young daughter come to terms with the loss of our dog, whom she still misses after nearly two years. 500 more words

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Babies

Easter baskets are a cute way to surprise your little buddy with some sweet gifts & treats. I don’t like to give T too much sugar (or he turns into a hyperactive, moody, whirlwind of destruction) but there are plenty of other cute ways to fill his basket. 709 more words


The Lost Kids


“Gretchen.  Gretchen.  Wake up!”


“What are you doing out here?”  I look up, and Vanessa is looking down at me, expression both concerned and annoyed.  1,783 more words


Little Bunny Foo Foo

My oldest daughter recently got these decadently soft, pink bunny slippers. We happened upon them randomly one day, and neither one of us (nor could Grandma!) could resist. 120 more words


Lucky Number Six!

Much of Minnesota awoke this morning to glistening white trees and slick roads. It didn’t snow overnight, but we had a thick frost which I heard referred to as “frozen fog” multiple times. 115 more words

This And That

A Warm and Fuzzy Giveaway

I think perhaps I’ve been focusing too much on my un-favorite parts of winter this season. I looked back at my past few posts, and they all seem to talk about cold and snow! 636 more words

This And That

My "Sexy" Saturday

I’ve been a busy blogger this extended-weekend. This post was a bit of something extra I suddenly decided to do. I’ve been feeling a tad guilty over just “re-winding” the first serial for you…   444 more words

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