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I lie sprawled on the bed watching you walk around the room talking to a colleague on the phone, with your gorgeous bottom facing me. I debate biting it but decide to admire it from afar… idly I wonder what it looked like as it was flexing every time you thrust your cock inside me. 801 more words

You-tube reviews: Blogilates

So I enjoy¬†Cassey Ho from Blogilates. She’s fun and energetic and when you’re working out that’s usually not a bad thing. And though these videos are pilates and 5 minutes long (which is what I technically was looking for), these aren’t my favorite videos ever. 146 more words

Daily criticism

I have just seen a guy on the street. He’s dressed fashionably in skinny jeans. He’s working out and he looks fairly pumped up muscly. I think he’s got a nice bum (yes, women look at bums too!!!) but the jeans deform it so badly it looks really not nice. 71 more words



The cheeks are getting chubbier, that little ass is getting meatier.

Kim Kardashian, uv got competition!!!


Poet's Note #2

This post marks the end
Of my first poetry project
I have written
When I was a bum
For eight months

This post marks the start… 28 more words


To close! 

It’s awesome to feel close to your other half, but yesterday I think me and my boyfriend took it to far for a relationship that hasn’t lasted a month yet. 78 more words