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I felt so strong about writing about this yesterday so today I´m going to. Church Bullism as I call it. It happens all the time and sadly it has happened to me too. 890 more words



Originally posted elsewhere, November 20, 2013

I’m a geeky girl. A nerd. I kind of always have been, in one way or another.

A social misfit. 1,209 more words


Perspectives and time.......... (I BELIEVE IN HAPPY ENDINGS, FOREVERS)

I was bullied in middle school. The memories are pretty clear even now- not hazy even though I try but the hurt has definitively beebn reduced to nothingness. 1,562 more words

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Film Review: ‘A Girl Like Her’

The causes and consequences of teen bullying get a potent if not entirely persuasive airing in “A Girl Like Her,” a mix of found-footage thriller, mock-doc realism and public service announcement that rings true almost as often as it rings false. 791 more words


Words of Advice + The First 3 Months of 2015

So I’m currently listening to a delicious mix of Sticky Fingers and John Butler Trio and and mid-way through one of my uni subjects (but when am I not these days? 1,105 more words

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Why I’m Not “Good People” (REBLOG)

I’m not a nice person. I’m not a good person. I’m not a kind person. This isn’t to say that I don’t ever try to be any of these three things. 43 more words

Expectations: Part 1

I guess it’s in the title right? Expectations.. The expectation of being happy… It’s to high.

Part 1: Depression

Humans all over the world have depression. 1,456 more words