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Nothing Good Comes From Slut Shaming

I was in high school and was attending a Catholic high school. I was wearing a t-shirt with an under layer so I was covered. It was a jeans day and I had a chance to be uniform. 433 more words

¿Cómo cambiar lo que no te gusta de tu cuerpo?

“Aceptar no significa resignarse. Significa comprender que las cosas son como son y que siempre existe una manera de afrontarlas”. –               Michael J. Fox

¿Alguna vez has despertado y te has chocado cara a cara con tu peor enemigo?, bueno digamos que a muchas personas nos ha pasado y a veces se vuelve tan frustrante que solo quieres volver a la cama y esconderte… y si!

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Former figure skater's family speaks out against Skate Canada's complaints process

MONTREAL — Hayleigh Abbott’s parents had hoped Skate Canada’s investigation would clear their daughter’s name quickly, after filing a complaint last fall. But eight months into the process, they are now convinced it’s corrupt. 465 more words


Australia’s new cyber-bullying watchdog.

Social media is a key communication tool used by children to engage with each other and the outside world. Thousands of businesses use social media to provide a platform to interact with children and young people and to allow children to communicate with each other. 373 more words


If you don't like your reflection; you might need a better mirror

Yesterday, I spent the morning doing a workshop on bullying and how it affects youth. We covered exclusion, physical and verbal abuse, how media/school/parents/society handles or treats bullying, the shift in victimization and online bullying. 683 more words

Anxiety Takes Over

It’s so horrible feeling isolated from everyone else. I envy those who don’t have a care in the world, and can talk to anyone no matter how many people are listening. 174 more words


Literary Bullies Part 1: Nineteen Minutes- Matt Royston


The Bullies in Jodi Picoult’s novel “Nineteen Minutes,” are almost the easiest to identify in the story. From almost the very beginning, they make their presence known and make victim Peter Houghton’s life hell. 615 more words