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Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should: The Burnbook App

We live in the app age. Got an idea? Make an app. The cost barrier is getting lower and lower thanks to the increase of investment by platforms such as Facebook. 648 more words

Social Media


Beware the power of the bully.
Helplessness magnified by unrelenting cruelty.
Lost in the darkness, wallowing in self-pity.
Crushed self-worth.
The bully reaches across decades haunting you. 208 more words



You used me,
Abused me,
Burned me,
Scorned me.

You betrayed me,
Blamed me,
Labeled me,
Sold me.

You lied to me,
Preyed on me, 204 more words



My guest today, Lisa A Listwa, was a high school teacher for fifteen years and she has a LOT of great things to say about this topic.  1,337 more words


Striking A Nerve

Set aside the feelings I have for bad car drivers, and I’ll tell you something else that gets my blood boiling … BULLIES! I’m not quite sure what it is about them, but I have zero tolerance for any type of bullying. 717 more words

Which clique are you in?

Everyone hates them, except the queen bitch and her posse, and the jocks.

Who creates them? The people I so very sweetly mentioned above. ;) Why did they create it? 312 more words


This I believe "Sanctuary"

I believe in the gym. I believe that there is a place which one can escape from the struggle and stress of daily life.

Growing up as a small boy I was bullied. 247 more words