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Be A Man

“He was swimming in a sea of other people’s expectations. Men had drowned in seas like that.”
― Robert Jordan, New Spring

It was 5:04 a.m. 1,629 more words


"Honestly: Courtney Barnett, Bully, and Inheriting 90s Culture" by Zak Breckenridge

My friend Zak wrote an excellent piece on two of the best rock records released this year, “Sometimes I Sit and Think…” by Courtney Barnett and “Feels Like” by Bully. 24 more words

My Governor Is A Bully

The Govenor of my state got elected on a fluke. He is a bully and refuses to work across the aisles. Now it is reelection time and he is running ads. 79 more words

Why I'm Not A Fan Of The Anti-Bullying Movement

In no one is the post intended to minimize pain or the severity of bullying. This is a commentary on the movement and movement alone. 1,097 more words

On Parenting Toddlers & Young Kids

High Tension - 'Bully' review (Rolling Stone)

High Tension’s second album, Bully, reviewed for Rolling Stone (by me) here.

*Spoiler: it’s good.


The gracious way to win a game.

Firstly you knock out the opponent, in this case being the Black Queen, and then you replace her with the good Queen, being the white Queen ( ME ) Easy as can be, if you know how.

That is called Victory

1. Life stories

One was bullied during elementary school, another ran away another discovered to be gay. We all have stories. Some have more details and some are just for a short period of your life. 288 more words