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A Man from Nantucket

Have you ever told a joke to someone and they blurted out the punchline a split second before you did? Sorta takes the fun out of telling the joke don’t it? 719 more words



Today again I woke up with the realization that this pain wouldn’t last for that long. Pain can last only if I sustain life, which fortunately or unfortunately I won’t for long. 854 more words

Short Stories


You know today I was sitting in my college writing class thinking, why do I need this class? Considering my major is computer science. Yes I understand that we need to be educated in various subjects, but shouldn’t we learn that in high school? 190 more words


Economics of...bullshit

I have always blamed my pathological lying on other people’s failure to understand sarcasm. My pathetic little practice begins with a misleading statement in order to invoke a reaction, before quickly retreating on the statement in due course. 528 more words

Face Value

I tried to convince myself that I was going to stop fucking with somebody, but then there I was waiting on them to do something to change my mind. 80 more words

Daily Life

Makeshift Big Black Horror Month 2015

It’s March. I’m going to be honest. It’s never thrilled me that February was designated Women in Horror Month because, well, February is Black History Month… 658 more words



So I went for a breast reduction consultation at the VCU MCV medical center. Things were going well until I was physically examined. The doctor looked at my breasts and immediately decided that there wouldn’t even be a point in submitting my claim to insurance. 540 more words