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A Good Lie

Today, I had an interesting conversation with my girlfriend about the how to get ahead at workpost. Whilst helpful when you have time on your side, there wasn’t really any discussion about what you can do during those… 894 more words

Personal Development

The lotus-eaters on the left

When Ulysses was trying to get back home to Greece after the Trojan War, he and his crew came upon a very dangerous island.  The people there ate the fruit of the lotus.  2,547 more words


Why I hate SJW's

So…those in social justice circles are celebrating, apropos of nothing, the removal of Confederate (battle) flags from Southern state houses and public grounds (that aren’t historical landmarks, anyhow)…after a three-week-long crusade that began with the Charleston church massacre (which was  597 more words

Bringing Sexy Back

I believed that I didn’t care about what other people thought about me. I thought that I had vanquished that particular dragon long ago. Such presumption!!! 778 more words

Men of OKC: Contraception and Baby Factories

Sometimes when men message me there’s no doubt in my mind that we will never meet. They are clearly not the type of person that I want to date or even spend time with, but because I’m usually bored and I like to fuck with people, I decide to engage them in conversation. 1,302 more words


Rodeo is Bull!

I love it when rodeo clowns get gored and thrown 15 feet in the air by the not surprisingly angry bull. It makes me laugh and a feeling of warm fuzziness fills me inside, as if some grand atrocity has been righted and resolved in one split second. 478 more words

Sarah Palin Shamelessly Gives Advice on Raising Kids

Bristol is pregnant for the second time,out of wedlock.

Track got a girl pregnant out of wedlock.

Willow and friends had a drunken party in a neighbor’s house, doing thousands of dollars of damage to the house. 240 more words