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Struggle Street - More like Bullshit Street

… What the actual fuck, SBS? I mean… What. The actual. Fuck.

Now, before I begin, I am going to go out and say that I grew up in Mt Druitt for a large portion of my life. 1,060 more words


Bullshit #52

There’s a difference between the first and the first that lasts / the first that matters.


Life is Like a Roll of Toilet Paper

As we get older, it seems like time is moving faster.  It is as if we were a roll of toilet paper.  As the roll turns, there is less paper–and life–left.   406 more words


Tales From "The Annoying Bar & Grill": There Are Rules, People! Rules!

It is shocking to me how many customers get it into their pea brains that the best way to get an employee’s attention is to wander into the kitchen, throw up their hands, and ask “Is anyone working here?” I am uncertain as to what it is they expect to find us doing in the kitchen. 606 more words

Ambling & Rambling

Lying and Discernment

Twice in my life I’ve been lied to on a scale enough for me to question my very sanity.

Both times were the end of relationships that I did not see coming. 797 more words

McDonald's workers are "tired of living on food stamps"

Yeah, and working at McDonald’s . . . Wait, not quite.  Actually, THAT’s not the problem.  But apparently, it’s worthwhile for 3,000 McD’s employees from across the country to travel to the company’s headquarters near Chicago to let the head cheeses know they want an increase in pay, but their frustration isn’t enough to actually STOP them from working at McDonald’s.   257 more words


The Gamification Analysation

Ok so here are the positions on gamification we are supposed argue for or against for our reflection on gamification.

Gamification presents the best tools humanity has ever invented to create and sustain engagement in people. 594 more words