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Indiana, and the Religious Right's New-Old Right to Discriminate

When I woke up this morning, I did not expect to be writing this article.  In fact, I had originally planned on writing on the topic of atheism… but then Indiana went and screwed that up for ya’ll. 651 more words

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things



I lack tact.

I suck at social situations most of the time.

I’m fine with that.

That caveat aside, I know exactly what I want to say when I open my mouth.   345 more words


Assholes And A New Muse

People have been assholes to me lately. One comment I got, while trying to spark a conversation with a friend was ‘You’re being pathetic’, the basis of my patheticness was that I could talk about anything and that’s what I chose to talk about (Which was a very simple thing relating to my art, which I don’t even talk about often). 592 more words


Clarity in politics

What people miss in our politics is decisiveness – people who are prepared to take a position.

A cartel occurs when corporations collude to control supply to drive up prices.  598 more words


Witch-Doctor Psychology

I happened to come across the most recent edition of New Jersey Psychologist the other day and saw that the cover had the words “ 186 more words


Vegetables are poisoning your body - Fast food is the real answer

Look, you don’t need to believe me, after all, I’m just a person in the internet, I could tell you lies. But you can believe your own eyes if you want to. 556 more words


All I Want Right Now...

All I want right now is for people to leave me the fuck alone so I can get the shit that’s going on in my head together. 18 more words

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