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Chapter 1 - Remember to Breathe

I felt like such a fraud. There I stood in front of my very first class, and I was panicked about the simple act of taking roll for first period on the first day of school. 394 more words

Surfing The Tidal Wave: Notes For New & Tired Teachers

The Toy car

Jimmy wasn’t the kind of boy, who had a lot of things.
Though he had clothes to wear and food to eat, no gold or shiny rings. 226 more words

Creative Writing

I Am. Having an identity.

Sometimes we hide behind this identity that we want the public to see, but we truly don’t feel it within ourselves. I believe discovery is something that takes a while, and is a process. 451 more words

Having An Identiy

Bullying - The bleeding may stop in the playground but the wounds remain with you for life.

It all started back in high school with the bullying throughout the most impressionable years of any teenagers life.    First it was the name calling, the comments regarding the way I looked and even reached the point of physical bullying.   821 more words


How the internet has helped my personality BLOOM <3

The internet allows me to be what I was born to be; where I can piss people off without getting punched in the face.

<3… 12 more words


Personality Positive: Being an Introvert

Hi. You don’t know me yet but I wanted my first post to be about something that has shaped every part of my being and grown me in to the 27 year old adult I am today: I am an introvert and I am proud of who I am. 444 more words


Anti-Bullying Videos and Quotes: My Favourites

Featured in this post are some of my favourite videos and quotes in relation to the subject of bullying!



(although I personally don’t agree with… 24 more words