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Stolen Milk Money.

It is difficult for me to distinguish between being a kid today and what it was like when I was the same age.  Lot of changes in the landscape of life over the years, so making a proper distinction for me, I often find hard.  649 more words


I’ve been saving this post for today as kind of a birthday present to myself.  Just knowing this love and strength exist is enough to keep a heart beating. 1,400 more words


Screw It!

(first photo is a throwback selfie; second photo by The Thrifty Vineyard)

This post brought to you by Screw It! Shiraz. Well, just kidding, although I do have a glass beside me. 253 more words


Beating the Sexuality out of Black Girls: Why?

(CW for abuse of all sorts of natures)

I love Tumblr, I really do.  I stay away from most fandoms of shit I like (I’ve been in the game for 20 years – the drama gets old), I follow a bunch of awesome social justice minded people, and if I ever needed to know if two or more men can actually fuck in a position I’m imagining, I just check my Dashboard. 1,149 more words


Just me bragging on my kid

Brag on my kid moment. I just got a phone call from another mother from the bunny’s school. A girl was saying some horrible, fairly racist things about the bunny’s friend. 234 more words


I don’t usually take part on trends and fads, but I do keep track of Strawberry Singh’s blog and her monday meme this week somehow “spoke” to me in a personal and close way, so I decided to take some time today and not only include a picture -as I always do, choosing a window with broken glass as a connecting idea to the damage cyber bullying can cause to a person- somehow related to the topic, but to openly discuss my personal experience with cyber bullying. 505 more words


Video Games- Sims Specifically

When I was in fourth grade, it was around the time of the Obama elections. At least it was somewhere around there, I might be wrong. 823 more words