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My Blog is Back!

I put a lot of money into running a nice site and I’m not going to let bitches like “amanda” and “stalker Diva” think they can talk shit about me.   495 more words


Be Nice to the Nice People - Verbal Judo

This is a silly post, with a little bit of seriousness tucked for a bit of Truth.  I’ve been thinking for awhile on one of the things I’ve learned from the concept of… 776 more words

"You can't."

I want to help so many people. I want people to be happy, not to suffer from a mental disorder.

I don’t want anyone to be a victim of prostitution, sex trafficking, or pornography. 292 more words

I was there for her.

How can one lousy, negative comment, or odd look, or silent treatment throw her into a tizzy?

I think because those negative comments trigger a fragile space – very much alive, just hidden. 184 more words

Captured Moments

Why I'm Leaving Oklahoma

I honestly hate admitting I screwed up. I generally try to choose to be happy, or not admit to anybody what is really going on. It was easy with my nearest relatives living two hours away. 931 more words


I had every intention of writing sooner and having the post be the part two in my series on forgiveness.  Unfortunately I found myself face to face with a personal and emotional battle that rocked me to the core. 353 more words

Mental Health

The Canadians At It Again: Civil War

It was a perfectly peaceful morning. The air was crisp, the trees filled with buds splitting their outer shells to expose wee tiny leaves. A pair of Canadian geese swam in the still waters below. 232 more words

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