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Hunger (tw?)

Hunger, it’s just a feeling. I just need to turn it into another feeling.

It reminds me of when I used to self harm. The stinging in the shower, oh I used to hate that. 41 more words


im horrified and disgusted at my weight.

I ate 4-5 slices of cake that were the size of 2-3 fingers put together (each) drank tea, had a biscuit then purged it in the hospital toilets. 255 more words


girls trigger me. I look at them and all I feel is inadequate. I didn’t used to think like this. Maybe it’s inadequacy that’s underlying my Ed.

New Day of Hope 

Okay, I need to change my sleeping schedule up. As I am still up at 5:45 in the morning, I am enjoying listening to the birds chirp and seeing the light of day rising. 346 more words

Embrace - The body movement

Here’s the short story of my body issues

For someone who isn’t an emotional person, watching the Embrace video it really affected me and brought tears to my eyes. 599 more words


Here We Go Again

Yes, you are reading another one of those blogs. You know the one. Sad and depressing, maybe sometimes funny maybe even controversial or thought provoking. I have started these blogs many times before but never got the balls to post them. 110 more words