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(Regarding Charles Bukowski)

a drunk poet may win the academy’s praise

for staggering aimless coarse verse


no one should write on his hangover days… 19 more words


Misto Quente

Este post é inteiramente baseado na minha limitada base cultural.

De tempos em tempos rolam umas modinhas na internet, autores, cantores, de uma hora pra outra as pessoas só falam neles. 140 more words


Why I read: 3 books 9 quotes

When I was about three years old, I had a book that was waterproof. It was a children’s picture book because I couldn’t read yet, but it was my favorite thing according to my mom. 638 more words


The Coming Frost


Fire up that stogie and come sit down here next to me by the bonfire and I’ll tell ya a-lil story.  Now, pay no mind to them bullfrogs moaning down there by the river, just settle on in and have a pull off my bottle of Thunderbird.   150 more words

Broken World


“there is a place in the heart that
is not yet filled

I will wait

in that space.”


A dose of delicious poetry for your day: Bukowski

Next month is National Poetry Month, and I had the chance to talk with one of our English profs yesterday about poetry. (Working in marketing for a community college, one of my duties is to contribute to our quarterly College magazine. 478 more words