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Roll Away the Stoned

It was Easter Brunch and he was an hour late. “Where’s your dad,” asked everyone, even though it was obvious I didn’t know the answer. It was silently understood that he was likely at home in his underwear, numbly staring at nothing in particular. 517 more words




“No light goes out until it goes out.”


Charles Bukowski, from
Sunlight Here I Am

Interviews & Encounters, 1963-1993

In Conversation With Bluebird

There’s a rat in my head –
he scratches at my sulci and gyri,
bores holes through my medial temporal lobe –
spreads his filth to my hippocampus; 63 more words


Inspiring quotes που λέμε και στο χωριό μου

Αυτές τις μέρες στη δουλειά είχαμε μετακόμιση. Στο νέο γραφείο λοιπόν, χρειαζόμαστε και νέο ντεκόρ. Επ´ ευκαιρίας λοιπόν βρήκα μερικά από τα quotes που έχω δει και με εκφράζουν για τον τοίχο μου. Ε και είπα να τα βάλω και στο διαδικτυακό μου τοίχο.



Love left for another continent
And for weeks, the notebooks have been piling up
On the kitchen table.

Outside the window,
At seven-thirty, the cardinal sings his tune… 56 more words


Thank You, Mr. Bukowski

    I’ve been wrapped in a funk for about a month now. It’s got its arms all over me, has tightened its hold, and is in the process of devouring me head-first. 795 more words

Random Thoughts