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The Meta_Person: How we forgot to learn a individual's name

Working; yet again last night.

Stayed until three, because management cannot compose a rota that matches a bar plan.

I shouldn’t moan, however it is aggravating because it completely undermines my plan to get some sleep before an 8 O’clock for the second job. 453 more words



Ireland’s international award-winning gin Shortcross is set to increase its global footprint, thanks to a new listing at The Loop at Dublin Airport, secured through the NI Connections network. 544 more words

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Boost Your IT Network With Mindz Technology

Now a days new and rising technologies are exploring the innovative paths into every area of business . Infact IT services have become the need of every company and for company to grow well the IT services should be well updated as well . 426 more words


Buisness is Buisness 

To start off with, yesterday was 2 important days (in the UK). Firstly it was Londons Gay Pride Parrade (which I wish I could have gone to– I wanted to support my gay friends, I believe it shouldn’t matter if you are gay, bi, trans, straight – WHATEVER you are that everyone deserves love and not to be discriminated for who they are) and secondly it was National Forces Day in the surrey area, which was held across the road from work – which once again I couldn’t go to due to work. 475 more words


Baseline Profitability Index BPI

Index :->> Baseline Profitability Index BPI

Based on 3 factor:->>

  • how much the value of an asset grows;
  • the preservation of that value while the asset is owned;
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Sleeping With the Enemy and Other Delights

That moment….that queasy moment…when you realize that those you have confided in are actually loyal to the other side. That, there is a possibility this perspective is so ingrained you just might not have a chance of defeating it but, you still have to try. 1,362 more words

How Efficacious Website Design Can Boost Your E-Commerce Profits

Creating a prospering eCommerce store is merely like discovering a thousand piece puzzle and attempting to unravel it . At the same time , there are many decisions needed to be taken off  , so that the whole eCommerce design & development team and the alternative co – laterals concerned within the entire design and development method  are making right choices , taking proper decisions and heading in the right direction . 389 more words