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For example JLo. She cannot sing or act. The only movie I thought she did a awsome job was in the movie Selena. Her songs are good when she has a good music producer that gives her catchy beats. 42 more words


Google Now, Maps get major updates at I/O 2015...!! #timesofindia

Google declared important upgrades to 2 of its most generally used products: currently and Maps.whereas Google now’s the voice-based assistant that comes integrated within the company’s mobilesoftware system android, Maps has been systematically among the most heavily used apps and websites across platforms.The company’s director of product management Aparna Chennapragada same Google currently hascurrently become much more contextually aware, therefore it’ll be ready to offer directions to, for instance, supermarkets or gas stations within the user’s neighbourhood. 185 more words

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It Is Final

I am going to start my own fashion/underwear/oddity business and I am going to share with you every step along the road.

It will mainly be an underwear business.

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Practice makes perfect

So here is my cooked steak. It came out better than expected. I will cook again next week till my cooking skills come out perfecto, when I can take a whole day off work and just cook like *Leave it to Beaver’s* mom minus the heals. 22 more words


Net Neutrality: the struggle for the future of the Internet has only just begun...!!! #techgig

A global row is production over ‘net neutrality’ and betting on who wins – the net Service suppliers(ISPs) or the regulators – the net might be terribly completely different within the future.Net neutrality is that the principle that each one web knowledge traffic ought to be treated as equal which content mustn’t be prioritised supported its supply.Imagine the information pipes we tend to use to attach to {the internet|the we tend to be |the net} (sometimes stated because the “last mile”) because the lanes we use on our roads. 153 more words

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Be Successful with NumeroUno’s Banking Training

On high of the foremost asked questions on banking training is “Where will one get it?” additional typically than not, bank coaching is remained the positioning. 402 more words

Banking Training

Woolly words

Drought is no laughing matter but a North Canterbury has found an opportunity for humour while feeding out:

. . .Parnassus sheep farmer Mike Bowler has been hit hard by the drought, which has crippled farming operations throughout North Canterbury. 130 more words