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… is undoubtedly bracing at this time of year – that came as no surprise – but what was rather disarming was the charm of the place. 495 more words

Building A Car

6 reasons why Apple is not building a car

Apple is not building a car. Not today, not tomorrow, not this year. Not ever. It’s not building a gas one or a diesel one. 1,236 more words



The Riley axle I managed to get hold of for the racing car showed signs of having been used, at some point in its life, as a trailer axle. 511 more words

Building A Car

A Quiet Evening In.

I was in the middle of milling some Wolseley and Morris OHC tappet spanners ….

…. when I remembered that I had a chocolate mould. On the face of it, that may sound an odd train of thought but there… 486 more words

Building A Car

A Better Deal.

Like everyone else, when dealing with the utilities, I’ve been on the phone for what seemed hours on end either waiting to have my call answered or, once in, being cut off during a transfer to the ‘right’ department and having to start all over again. 479 more words

Building A Car

That Looks About Right.

I find it quite difficult to think things out when it’s cold so, a good fire going in the log burner and a glass of stout at room temperature are the basic requirements for a couple of hours thinking and sketching on a cold winter evening. 479 more words

Building A Car

It's A Start.

It was my father’s habit to call the first cup of tea of the day, ‘gunfire’. I’d never really thought about it – this and one or two less savoury bits of military slang were part of the family vocabulary – until I happened past this: 568 more words

Building A Car