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After Breakfast....

.. I thought I’d stretch my legs,

and have a look around the town. Halden, I learn, is the capital of the custom car world in this part of Norway and there was to be a meeting on Wednesday evening (there’s one every Wednesday evening throughout the summer months) before our return to England. 455 more words

Vintage Cars

Room With A View.

Or at least it would be if these big metal plates weren’t in the way.

Because on the other side of this wall is….

… which I’d have thought would have the edge as a selling point. 490 more words

Building A Car

Not Good.

That’ll be the third time that I’ve found myself approaching the back door of my house and pressing the car key remote. But the good news is… 522 more words

Building A Car

Passed Fit.

Having given myself the all-clear, The Ambassador’s Daughter and I took off to Ufford in the Hillman for the first serious meet of the year. A damp start and a chilly Northerly did nothing to quell everyone’s enthusiasm and there must have been a good 70 – 80 cars on the field by 2.00pm at the White Lion. 515 more words

Building A Car


Four days in a van with someone full of cold and who coughed and sneezed from here to breakfast produced the usual results – I went down with whatever it was. 507 more words

Building A Car

In My Dreams.

As it was my turn to do the night shift at Cuxhaven, I left the ship at about midday and went back to the hotel to try to get some shut-eye before getting back for supper and kick-off at 6.00pm. 504 more words

Building A Car

The Road To Le Mans.

Whilst everything else is going on, I’ve got to find the time and let’s face it, the funds, to get my Racing Driver’s License so I can take part with Learned Counsel in the Le Mans Classic. 547 more words

Building A Car