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Four days in a van with someone full of cold and who coughed and sneezed from here to breakfast produced the usual results – I went down with whatever it was. 507 more words

Building A Car

In My Dreams.

As it was my turn to do the night shift at Cuxhaven, I left the ship at about midday and went back to the hotel to try to get some shut-eye before getting back for supper and kick-off at 6.00pm. 504 more words

Building A Car

The Road To Le Mans.

Whilst everything else is going on, I’ve got to find the time and let’s face it, the funds, to get my Racing Driver’s License so I can take part with Learned Counsel in the Le Mans Classic. 547 more words

Building A Car

What Kind Of Car To Buy, Or Build?

What kind of car to buy…..or build? That is thequestion and this, this is the dilemma that faces everyone at some point. Your car is breaking down, or you’re just done with it, or the newest, latest, greatest came out and you want it. 988 more words

Hats Off.

I know there’s a bit of a way to go and it’s not unusual to have a couple of inches of snow at Easter but, for the first time this year I was able to go out this morning in the Hillman without a hat and in the late afternoon, as it hadn’t had a run for a couple of months, I took the Austin to the shops because, rather at the last-minute, I’d invited the owners of the Riley racing car to come and discuss the progress over supper; there was nothing in the house and only 2 hours to go. 453 more words

Building A Car

To See A Man About A Dog....

…. in Valencia, was last week’s adventure. I didn’t realise quite how far it was from home – a 2460 mile round trip – although it looked a long way on the map. 559 more words

Building A Car


… is undoubtedly bracing at this time of year – that came as no surprise – but what was rather disarming was the charm of the place. 495 more words

Building A Car