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The Question Is...

… how do they do it? When a solitary vulture spots lunch, 50 fellow diners are quickly on the spot and they seem to come from nowhere. 498 more words

Building A Car


…The Ambassador’s Daughter being slightly sniffy about them, I bought the trousers in which I felt I would be most comfortable during my sojourn in the Pays Basque. 501 more words

Building A Car

A Mystery.

A couple of weeks ago, The Great Collector set out in his 20/25 Rolls but got no further than the end of the drive; a curious noise from under the bonnet stopped him in his tracks. 571 more words

Building A Car

The Road To Le Mans II

Learned Counsel is well ahead of the game having collected his third signature after two races at Brands Hatch this last weekend. I’d driven past the circuit for nearly 40 years and never been in so I was happy to volunteer my services as chief person-who-does-stuff and hatch a plan (so to speak) for the team’s accommodation at my sister’s house half an hour down the road. 454 more words

Building A Car

After Breakfast....

.. I thought I’d stretch my legs,

and have a look around the town. Halden, I learn, is the capital of the custom car world in this part of Norway and there was to be a meeting on Wednesday evening (there’s one every Wednesday evening throughout the summer months) before our return to England. 455 more words

Building A Car

Room With A View.

Or at least it would be if these big metal plates weren’t in the way.

Because on the other side of this wall is….

… which I’d have thought would have the edge as a selling point. 490 more words

Building A Car

Not Good.

That’ll be the third time that I’ve found myself approaching the back door of my house and pressing the car key remote. But the good news is… 522 more words

Building A Car