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…. and new toys all round!

Well, for some people at least. The Great Collector has acquired a very rare beast; a marque that I’d not heard of before now though I’d heard of the Dorman engine that sits under the bonnet. 496 more words

Building A Car

What I Didn't Know.....

…. was that unlike any other distributor I’d come across, Rolls-Royce had done things a little bit differently. This slim volume that anyone who contemplates the maintenance of the Rolls-Royce 20/25 engine must add to their library, was particularly useful to me because it had quite a lot to say about the removal of the timing gear case – as described in ‘A Mystery’, back in May – and subsequently the removal of the crankshaft vibration damper for servicing and also the idler gear between the cam gear and the distributor drive gear. 453 more words

Building A Car

The Real Discovery....

… was a little atelier in a nearby town where a third generation motorcycle dealer was restoring his grandfather’s 1925 Alcyon cyclecar.

It’s long been a source of mystery to me that the Pays Basque just didn’t seem to have any vintage cars; the Classic scene is well represented but anything pre-1939 didn’t appear to exist. 470 more words

Building A Car

My Continued Investigation....

… of the local fauna and flora has been especially rewarding since the sun graced us with its presence.

I think this is a Hummingbird Moth and I remember that there seemed to be an influx of them to Suffolk some years ago. 470 more words

Building A Car

Ways Of Seeing.

The part of the Pays Basque we come to work in is the gateway for the final push on to Santiago de Compostella and, as I’ve mentioned before, Ostabat – a hop over the col from us – is at the confluence of 3 major Pilgrim routes that wend their way to this spot from all over Europe. 492 more words

Building A Car


Well, it would be churlish of me to do the deliberate mistake routine. Last week’s car was indeed a Renault, not a Peugeot, but in the interests of balance, here is a Peugeot 203; I know that because this time I took the trouble to look at the badge on the bonnet. 598 more words

Building A Car

The Question Is...

… how do they do it? When a solitary vulture spots lunch, 50 fellow diners are quickly on the spot and they seem to come from nowhere. 496 more words

Building A Car