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Blanket Ladder

Sometimes you just need to have a lazy unproductive day to keep your sanity. Which is exactly what I did today. I’ve been a little over-stressed from work lately and finally had a day off with nothing planned and I did exactly that. 258 more words


Exploring: Managing the Building Process

The next stage of development of Agile Project Management is Exploring: Managing the Building Process. This area covers, Controlling without interfering with the build, Managing constructive collaboration and Managing issues and risks.


The Plans

Well here we go. I will be building a Toylander Series II for my little ones. It will be a fully working scaled down version of a Series II Landrover to drive round the garden. 45 more words


Not Enough Hours In The Day

That important question from the last post: how hard can an extension be?  Turns out it’s not particularly hard, just bloody time consuming.  When you’re one woman working alone, between the hours of 9 and 2 to fit around school and nursery days, not particularly inclined to work outside in the rain, still trying to keep everything else afloat… it’s going to take an age.  180 more words

Project-based Homeschooling: Paper Dinosaurs + 1

If you read my mid-year update, you might remember how I wondered why my eight-year-old didn’t build as much as he usually does last fall. 534 more words


How Hard Can An Extension Be?

We needed an extension, a really big extension.  This seemed like something we should get somebody to do, but when we got a few quotes we were suitably horrified at the prices charged.  455 more words

Piling On The Financial Pressure

When I left you last we had the guys in doing the piling, and the worry was setting in about just how deep they were going to go.  195 more words