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Yellow Headed Flower sucking Marsh Fly

A critter found in my garden on a regular basis, it is around the size of a Blowfly


We'll Be Back... 9-20-14


I got him! Those are the words I yelled when my articulated, rubber legged, fur piled, giant eyed, white fly disappeared in mouth of one of the bigger Michigan trout the 3 of us had ever seen. 380 more words


A letter to a historical figure

Writing prompt: Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Write an open letter thanking a historical figure for her contributions to the world.

I’m troubled. About writing this letter to one of the women, I listed yesterday. 679 more words


Sims 4 Legacy Challenge - Full House

I played a couple of hours of the Mirage Legacy family over the weekend, mostly to refamiliarise myself with them post-bugfix. The household is currently full with 6 adults / young adults and two infants, and is about to get even busier as those infants age up to children (whose primary need appears to be homework, or maybe I’m just too focused on getting As…). 280 more words


Stinkbugs are the handmaiden of Satan

Yesterday we decided to FINALLY empty out the last moving box. These boxes had been in the Quonset hut for three months now. I would like to say the impetus for our completing the move was that we love order and neatness. 1,329 more words

Large Family

You see it's all about that bed, bout that bed, no kidding

It would seem that my prior non-diseased self may have underestimated the amount of time it takes to recover from Typhoid.  Apparently 5 days is not long enough.   369 more words