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Day 25: Hurt No Living Thing by Christina Rossetti

I saw the prettiest bug ever today and unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture good enough to capture its beauty. I also unfortunately did not have time to write about it, but I did find a poem about my stance on bugs. 50 more words


Darth Vader mask made of bugs!

SPIDERS MIGHT NOT make you think of Darth Vader, but you’re not Klaus Enrique.

The sculptor and photographer was sketching a tarantula when he realized the arachnid resembled the mouth and nose sections of the Sith lord’s iconic mask. 296 more words


Day 2 Of Our Long Walk: Chobham Common

This was taken last Wednesday at Chobham Common. This place reminds me of a safari.

I was trying to capture the shape of the clouds in this picture. 192 more words


I rerolled an archer. And more dreams shattered

So… After the game suggested I should choose a class I did some reading and realized my armorsmith-warrior idea was a bit over-optimistic. I wasn’t sad or anything. 425 more words


Web and a Butterfly

I think as the weather gets hotter, there may be more bugs than birds. Not sure how the flowers will hold up. 14 more words


LCG, Part IX: The Jungle

Mis amores,

Fidel was about as ordinary of a guy as you’d expect to find in any tourism agency. When I stumbled into his shop, it was just a stop I was making amongst other inquiries into jungle adventures. 1,538 more words