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Ever See a White Bison?

Did you know that bison and buffalo are not the same critter? Settlers mistakenly called bison buffalo, but they technically live in Africa and Asia, whereas bison are in North America. 600 more words

Speaking of Pemmican

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that the Native Americans who lived at the Mitchell site made pemmican as a trade good. If you wondered what pemmican tasted like, there are a lot of videos and books out there that will share with you how to make your own, authentic pemmican. 87 more words


4th of July Flash sale! Get $188+ value free with purchase

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Into Wyoming with its Wild West History

Montana seems to go on for ever. A mix of mountain passes and ranches that cover acres and acres, we saw lots of cattle but neither deer nor antelope playing. 337 more words


Buffalo -- up close

Our first stop on this cross-country adventure was Cross Ranch in central North Dakota, a 5600 acre Nature Conservancy preserve.  Originally a large cattle ranch, this landscape of rolling hills and flat valley grasslands is being used to raise about 250 buffalo, along with supporting a diversity of prairie plants and animals. 185 more words


100 Crazy Critters – #66 - Bison

The first time I ever saw a bison was driving along Route 66.  There he was, on his lonesome, looking forlorn in what amounted to someone’s back yard.   167 more words

Retrieving Stolen Buffaloes

A very cold and foggy January morning, time 5 AM.

The district police force directed by

the Superintendent was on red alert.

The electronic media followed policemen combing… 71 more words

Short Story